Posted 28 октября 2021, 13:29

Published 28 октября 2021, 13:29

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Sberbank takes pension from disabled girl who became a victim of credit fraud

28 октября 2021, 13:29
A resident of Stavropol with a serious mental illness fell for the bait of telephone scammers who tricked her into applying for a loan at Sberbank.
Disabled people

For a year she and her family were terrorized by collectors who threatened with murder, and now Sberbank writes off the entire amount of the disabled person's pension every month.

As the mother of the victim of the scammers told Newstracker, a year ago the girl received a call from a Moscow number.

- They said that they are going to pay compensation for disability. To do this, the fraudsters asked her to go to Sberbank-online, press a few buttons and get money, - said the citizen.

As a result, under the leadership of the attackers, the girl took out a loan from Sberbank through an online application and transferred the amount to the fraudsters. They left her only the promised compensation of several thousand rubles. Hearing from her daughter about this compensation, the mother became worried, checked the Sberbank Online application and found that her daughter, it turns out, had received a loan. Moreover, the bank easily issued a loan, despite the girl's lack of income, except for a pension in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.

The deceived mother wrote a statement to the police.

A few months later, the family began to receive calls from collectors and bank employees. Neither one nor the other responded to the words about the criminal case opened on the fact of fraud. As the interlocutor told the publication, collectors from "AKB" continued to call 10-20 times a day.

- Threats over the phone have become commonplace. For example, a certain Irina Zhuravleva, in a raised tone, promised that they would take away everything: real estate, property, half of the pension, did not allow to insert words and explain that the scammers had not yet been found, and we had nothing to pay, - said the townswoman.

The collectors also called the girl herself, who, due to her illness, did not understand what was happening. The mother said that her daughter had an episode and sudden paralysis of the body. With the constantly repeated calls, the attacks began to torment the girl much more often than before.

Suddenly, after the initiation of a criminal case, the family received a letter from a notary representing the interests of Sberbank, and from Voronezh.

- I, Chugunova Ksenia Vladimirovna, a notary of the notary urban district of the city of Voronezh, Voronezh region in connection with the request of the claimant of the Public Joint Stock Company "Sberbank of Russia" about the execution of an executive note on the Loan Agreement, I inform you that I have made an executive note on the specified Loan Agreement, - said in letter.

Sberbank turned to the bailiffs with a demand to arrest the property of the disabled person, as well as to ban her from leaving the country. Also, a penalty was levied on a pension. Neither the girl nor her mother was invited to the hearing, but the court ruled on that the amount owed will be deducted from the girl's tiny pension. At the same time, the investigators offered the family not to pay, since "the case can be investigated for ten years."

- We regularly called the investigator, complained about the collectors and asked about the progress of the case, what else should we have done? However, the bailiff in a brazen form announced that they would deduct half of Marina's pension, - said the deceived mother.

According to the lawyer Ruslan Mazurin, the period and time of the crime were set incorrectly in the case.

- The documents indicate that the attackers from an unknown number stole money belonging to the girl from the bank account, thereby causing her damage. But the moment of the crime began much earlier: it is necessary to take into account the fact how the money got to the girl's account. And they came to be solely under the influence of scammers, under the conviction that the disabled person will receive budget money. That is, the crime began from the moment the scammers called, and not from the transfer of money from the account to them, the expert said.

- The police are well aware that if it turns out the call itself as the moment the crime starts, then Sberbank will be deprived of the opportunity to collect this money from the fraudsters. And then "put on the shelf", as is often the case, this business will not work, since the victims are recognized by Sberbank and will have to actively identify the persons who called the girl. It is one thing to return the money to a disabled girl, another to Sberbank, which will demand its money to the last, ”Mazurin emphasized.

If, as it should be, Sberbank is recognized as a victim, and not a disabled girl, then he will receive his money only if the criminals are detained. Now it is much easier for him to “shake out” money from a disabled person's pension.

- In this case, since the victim is Sberbank, he will not be able to demand compensation from the girl, since she will change her procedural status only to a witness. Therefore, it is important for the current victim to appeal against the decision to initiate a criminal case, - said the interlocutor.

Currently, the girl is undergoing another operation, after which she needs a long recovery for several years. But the bailiffs have already promised to resolve the issue of cutting the pension by half.