Posted 29 октября 2021,, 16:13

Published 29 октября 2021,, 16:13

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Conspiracy theorist Remy Daye charged with conspiracy to arrange the coup in France

29 октября 2021, 16:13
The politician who spread ideas about the harmfulness of face masks and 5G towers was also preparing an armed coup to take the Elysee Palace and come to power, the prosecution claims.

Renowned French politician Rémy Daye has been charged with creating an extremist group that was supposed to carry out a series of attacks aimed at seizing power in France, according to the BBC. According to the prosecution, Daye recruited soldiers to attempt to seize the presidential palace in Paris.

In the 2000s, Remy Daiet, now 54, was a centrist politician of regional importance, and then moved to the extreme right and gained fame in French conspiracy circles. In his videos, Daye argued that 5G face masks and towers were dangerous and called for a "popular coup". Last year, a video appeared on YouTube in which he said: "I decided to take power in France, restore this country, give you freedom".

This year, Daye has already been prosecuted: he was accused of organizing the abduction of an eight-year-old girl at the request of her mother. Some time after her disappearance in France, the girl was found safe with her mother in Switzerland. Daye was arrested, he said that it was not "abduction, but rather the return of the child to the mother at her request".

This time he was arrested as part of an investigation into the activities of the organization "Honor and Nation". According to the French press, over the course of several months, Daye made attempts to create an underground organization of several dozen members. The conspirators were recruited mainly from anti-vaxxers and neo-Nazi activists.

The 12 suspects are accused of plotting a series of attacks on vaccination centers, a Masonic lodge in Alsace, journalists and famous people, as well as plotting a coup d'état and overthrowing the French government, sources say. According to the investigation, former military and police officers from the ranks of the conspirators were ordered to train recruits to prepare for the storming of the Elysee Palace, to which the extremists were to come out with police shields and homemade explosives. After the seizure of the official residence of French President Emmanuel Macron, the attackers planned to seize the French parliament and occupy a radio or television channel.

Rene Daye's lawyer has already stated that his client has nothing to do with either the Honor and Nation group or the planned attacks.