Posted 29 октября 2021,, 12:53

Published 29 октября 2021,, 12:53

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Rosgosstrakh requires 400 thousand rubles for repairing a train from the family of a downed child

Rosgosstrakh requires 400 thousand rubles for repairing a train from the family of a downed child

29 октября 2021, 12:53
The insurance company Rossgosstrakh (Russian state insurance company) demands over 400 thousand rubles for the repair of the train from the parents of a 15-year-old boy who died under the wheels of this train at the Povarovo station in 2019.

In November 2019, the young man crossed paths wearing headphones and a hood and did not notice the warning whistle of the Lastochka train en route from Tver to Moscow. As witnesses told Novaya Gazeta, the train hit the boy in passing, he was thrown 50 m, as a result of which the teenager received injuries incompatible with life.

The parents of the deceased assure that the boy crossed the ground crossing, the same is confirmed by the witnesses of his death.

In "Rosgosstrakh" they believe that the teenager's guilt has been established, since he crossed paths in an allegedly inappropriate place.

Based on eyewitness accounts, the boy's family reports that at the time of the tragedy there were no guards at the ground crossing, since they went to the store.

The insurance company, on the basis of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, paid RZD 400,872 rubles as damage, now the insurers are demanding this money from the parents of the deceased, arguing that the boy was already 14 years old at the time of the tragedy, and after his death, the responsibility allegedly falls on his parents.

The student's mother has already paid the entire amount to Rosgosstrakh. Relatives of the deceased say that this is a kind of dent on the train.

"The child's mother is in a bad emotional state. This is the only child, there was a great tragedy, then it never occurred to anyone to file a lawsuit against Russian Railways. Then we received such news that they demanded to reimburse us for the repair of the Lastochka, and now, of course, we are in shock”, - Olga Luchko, a relative of the deceased, told the publication.

She claims that the representative of "Rosgosstrakh" put pressure on the family, demanding to pay as soon as possible, otherwise threatening to sue, "and then you will pay more".

As the publication points out, citing the text of the pre-trial claim, the document specifies separately that on account of the required amount, a foreclosure may also be imposed on real estate, transport and household property.

The family of the deceased student is currently preparing a counterclaim.