Posted 1 ноября 2021,, 13:36

Published 1 ноября 2021,, 13:36

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A very world conspiracy: A story of how Andrey Fursov understood why Russians abandon their children

A very world conspiracy: A story of how Andrey Fursov understood why Russians abandon their children

1 ноября 2021, 13:36
Privileged "analysts" are increasingly trying to explain the numerous Russian troubles by the unceremonious intervention of foreign enemies.

Sergey Baimukhametov

There is chaos and moral degradation in the world, capitalism has outlived its usefulness, the only stronghold is Russia. Such an ideological concept successfully captures the masses.

It is professed, preached and disseminated by a variety of circles - from the highest political to pensioner "clubs" on the benches at the entrances.

And somewhere in the middle - a part of the political science, expert community, which gives birth to these constructions and confirms them with the authority of academic titles and degrees. One of the most, perhaps, the brightest representatives of this trend is Andrey Fursov, Ph.D.

He's very popular. His lecture programs are released on YouTube almost every week. Hundreds of thousands are watching and listening to them, the responses are the most enthusiastic.

“Amazing lecture! And listening to a pleasantly intelligent person, and at the same time, you understand that everything is planned and goes exactly according to plan".

“Incredible views. 2.4 million as of 10/28/2021. Wow. Fursov blew up YouTube with his analytics!!!"

"Thank you, I vaguely guessed that modern events are not an accident, but a purposeful action".

Professor Fursov is not just an educated person - he is a brilliant lecturer, he thinks clearly, expresses simply and clearly, absolutely intelligibly (not to be confused with primitivism and oversimplification!) And clearly builds his concept. Moreover, in a fascinating detective vein, in the genre of investigation, the gradual disclosure of the essence of events.

The only weakness is that his theories are built on conspiracy theories, that is, on conspiracy theory. In this case - on the theory of the so-called world conspiracy.

And conspiracy theories, no matter how subtly constructed, often do not withstand a collision with facts, with logic.

Take, for example, one of the most recent lecture programs, very popular, if only because it is called "The Secret Report of the Globalists".

We will not analyze each position separately. Let us dwell on the key, pivotal points: world Chaos, the crisis of capitalism, Russia as a stronghold of traditional values opposed to Chaos.

I quote without quotation marks, thesis and briefly, as close to the text as possible. World capitalism, led by secret forces, arranged cataclysms to overcome every crisis. This was the case in the 20th century with two world wars, which gave a powerful impetus to industry. Since the 1960s, it has become clear that wars with nuclear weapons are no longer possible. The collapse of the USSR opened up to the West a huge market in Eastern Europe and all territories of the USSR. But this impulse also ended. Capitalism has outlived its usefulness, economic dynamics is over, new shocks are needed. The trigger, the trigger, was the covid pandemic, either arising on its own, or specially arranged. At first we tried swine flu - it didn't work out, poorly. But the covid "works". In its consequences, it performs the function of a world war. The middle class is being destroyed (the lockdown will ruin everyone), opposing the supermonopolies. In a post-like world, the rich will be richer - the poor will be poorer.

The world elite itself is dismantling the system of the old capitalism. Now the main object of appropriation is not labor and capital, not control over them, but control over social behavior, in particular, through new information technologies. This is no longer capitalism, but something else. The biggest danger is the social catastrophe that will come as a result of the genesis of the post-capitalist system. The task of ultra-globalists is to destroy the traditional family and thereby transform people into a human mass that is easy to manage. If a child has lived in a family for at least 7 years, then in adulthood it is already difficult for him to manipulate.

The West is opposed by China. The account on the world stage is 1: 1. And here the decisive role belongs to Russia. Russia is the last stronghold of spirituality and traditional values. The fight against them is the fight of post-capitalism for diktat in the world.

Here, in short, are the theses of Andrey Fursov's lecture entitled "The Secret Report of the Globalists" on the Day TV channel. However, these theses are repeated in one way or another in the previous ones and will probably be repeated in the subsequent ones - as fundamental.

This system of views, I repeat, is gaining increasing popularity in Russia: from the political leadership to the broad masses. It is no coincidence that President Putin, addressing the members of the Valdai International Discussion Club, noted the decline in moral guidelines and family values in the Western world simultaneously with the political and economic crisis:

“The crisis we are dealing with is conceptual, even civilizational. In fact, this is a crisis of approaches, principles that determine the very existence of man on Earth… Everyone says that the existing model of capitalism, which today is the basis of social structure in the overwhelming majority of countries, has exhausted itself. Within its framework, there is no longer a way out of the tangle of increasingly tangled contradictions".

However, there is a history of the issue - with facts and logic. What Chaos are we talking about? There is no chaos in the world. Chaos with a capital letter could be called two bloody world wars - catastrophes that humanity, nevertheless, overcame and began to build a new life.

And the so-called final crisis of capitalism is far from news. As early as 173 years ago, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, whose teachings are repeatedly mentioned by Andrey Fursov with great reverence, in the famous "Manifesto of the Communist Party" predicted the inevitable destruction of capitalism by the insurgent proletariat.

Exactly 100 years ago, the philosopher Oswald Spengler published an equally famous work, the title of which speaks for itself - "The Decline of Europe".

During these 173 years, Europe, however, has come a long way towards the prosperity of one and all.

And, finally, about Russia, which is the last hope and support in the fight against the sinister plans of the world behind the scenes - as a stronghold of traditional values.

Professor Fursov considers the family to be the main one. Let us repeat his thesis: the task of ultra-globalists is to destroy the traditional family and thereby transform people into a human mass that is easy to control. If a child has lived in a family for at least 7 years, then in adulthood it is already difficult for him to manipulate.


To our deep regret, Russia occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of divorces, abortions, abandonment of children.

In 2010, Elena Mizulina, Chair of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, said at a parliament meeting that the proportion of orphans in Russia is 4-5 times higher than in Europe or the United States: “Over the years of the Patriotic War, 678 thousand became orphans. children, today there are more than 697 thousand orphans in Russia”.

Ten years later, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova, speaking at the Council on Trusteeship in the Social Sphere under the Government of the Russian Federation, said: “At the beginning of 2021, the number of orphans and children left without parental care was 406,128 people. Almost 365 thousand of them were raised in foster families”.

The replacement family is our Russian-bureaucratic newspeak. Not a foster family, not adoption and adoption, but “replacement”. Still, it seems to be better than an orphanage from the cradle.

In the "spiritless West" there is no such thing as state orphanages. In our country, according to the Department of State Policy in the Field of Protection of Children's Rights, 41.5 thousand children are now in orphanages.

And what happens? It turns out that Russian women who have given up children are acting almost on instructions from a secret world government? Are they destroying traditional values?

And then Russia is not at all a stronghold of traditional values, but a vanguard of the world behind the scenes in a war to destroy traditional values?

Facts and logic are cruel things.

However, an accidental or deliberate logical error of Fursov, his associates and followers just gives rise to optimism. The collapse of scholastic constructions aimed at propaganda is in itself a triumph of living life. And the history of mankind shows that the world has always had and has a future, including Russia - with all the difficulties of its development.

Our future is children. But let us remember that there were no older generations that did not reproach the youth. “Young people are insidious and careless. They will never be like the youth of the old days. The younger generation of today will not be able to preserve our culture".

It was written in Ancient Mesopotamia in the XXX century BC.

Since then, 50 centuries have passed.