Posted 1 ноября 2021, 12:50

Published 1 ноября 2021, 12:50

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The absurdity of the day: cancer patients cannot reach doctors without vaccination, which they are prohibited from

1 ноября 2021, 12:50
Фото: Фото ИА Высота 102
By the decree of the local authorities, it is prohibited to travel on buses without presenting QR-codes on vaccinations, which are contraindicated for cancer patients.

Cancer patients in the Volgograd region have lost the opportunity to travel to the regional oncological dispensary, the Vysota 102 news agency reports. Cancer patients from the village of Mikhailovka, regardless of the severity of their illness, simply do not put on a bus to Volgograd without presenting a certificate of vaccination, or a certificate of the transferred covid, or a PCR-test.

A resident of Mikhaylovka, whose father has a disability in oncology, said that he, with his grade 4 illness, must appear at the oncology dispensary 3-4 times a month in order to receive chemotherapy drugs, undergo a CT scan and see a doctor. At the same time, he has a medical withdrawal from the vaccination, but despite this, the ticket office of the bus station did not sell him a ticket, demanding a PCR-test (it is valid for only 72 hours) - an expensive pleasure for a seriously ill pensioner who finds it difficult even to ride the bus. The treatment has now been interrupted. The daughter rightly notes that her father's pension is simply not enough to pay each time for a PCR test and a bus ticket. It's just inhumane! - she exclaims, and asks the question: Why can't such patients do free tests?

Meanwhile, the bus station employees confirmed that they are prohibited from selling tickets to people without vaccinations or certificates that they have already been ill. This, according to them, is the resolution of the regional authorities, according to which from October 25, movement on intercity routes without QR-codes is prohibited.

“Every day we have tears and screams on the platform, and curses are heard against us. But the fine for violation is up to 300 thousand rubles. Nobody wants to pay that kind of money...”, - explain the workers.