Posted 1 ноября 2021, 18:26

Published 1 ноября 2021, 18:26

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Vladimir Putin said that new drugs for coronavirus will soon appear

1 ноября 2021, 18:26
Medicines for covid may be put into circulation in the near future. This statement was made on November 1 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the situation with coronavirus in the country at a military meeting in Sochi.

The words of the head of state are reported by TASS.

"Now drugs are being developed, in principle, in the near future, I am sure, they will also be used, and today I also spoke with my colleagues about this - with those who are engaged in this", - Vladimir Putin said.

The President of the Russian Federation also noted that the most universal and best way to protect against covid is vaccination.

Currently, the Ministry of Health recommends the use of the drugs favipiravir, remdesivir, umifenovir, hydroxychloroquine and interferon-alpha in the treatment of coronavirus.

Five vaccines against coronavirus have been registered in Russia: Sputnik V, Sputnik Light, EpiVacCorona, EpiVacCorona-N and KoviVak.

In Russia, from October 30 to November 7, "non-working days" are declared. During lockdown in many regions, the work of catering and entertainment establishments is prohibited, many 24-hour establishments have canceled the night mode of operation, and non-food stores and alcohol stores are closed in a number of regions.