Posted 2 ноября 2021,, 17:02

Published 2 ноября 2021,, 17:02

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"Savelyev's List": reveals the names and photos of people involved in torture in Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1

"Savelyev's List": reveals the names and photos of people involved in torture in Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1

2 ноября 2021, 17:02
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On Monday, November 1, a new video was posted on the official YouTube channel It details a number of officials who are organizers of torture and rape of prisoners in OTB-1 (Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1) of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Saratov region.

In the first ten hours, the video received over 400 thousand views.

The video begins with a statement by Vladimir Putin regarding the materials published by human rights defenders:

What we see, the facts that emerge there are absolutely unacceptable. Any violations of the law, especially torture, are crimes. These offenses, these crimes must be punished, by the way, and this is what happens when, including with the help of the media, such facts emerge. YouTube

Эти люди напрямую отвечали за то, что творится в учрежденииЭти люди напрямую отвечали за то, что творится в учреждении
Эти люди напрямую отвечали за то, что творится в учреждении

In the first part of the publications, Sergei Savelyev, together with the founder of Vladimir Osechkin, present a short list of OTB-1 (Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1) officials who were on February 18, 2020 during the commission of torture and violent acts in a perverted form against Roman Makarkin and Roman Gurtovoy in the performance of their duties, who knew on the crimes committed in TLS No. 8 OTB-1 (Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1), namely:

1. Responsible for the establishment on that day, Major of the Internal Service (currently Lieutenant Colonel) Maltsev Sergei Viktorovich, head of the Security Department of OTB-1 (Regional Tuberculosis Hospital-1), who, according to Sergei Savelyev, led the bey brigade, gave orders to Sergei Savelyev personally to issue sadist capos service video recorders for filming and then controlled the process of transferring files after torture to a USB-card with subsequent transfer in the form of a report to the management of the Federal Penitentiary Service);

2. Duty assistants to the head of the hospital (DPNB) Major Denis Alexandrovich Mayorov and Major Valery Alexandrovich Shirobokov. They, according to Savelyev, controlled the torture of Roman Gurtovy and Roman Makarkin);

3. Employees of the Security Department, who were directly at the post in TLO No. 8: warrant officers Baibekov Ivan Yevgenievich and Kozmin Alexander Sergeyevich;

4. Employees of the Security Department - warrant officers Marina Aleksandrovna Nikitzova and Vitaly Valerievich Guryanov, responsible for the video control post. These officers saw everything that was happening, watched as Roman Makarkin and Roman Gurtovoy were taken to TLO No. 8 for torture, and on the orders of Sergei Maltsev, Roman Makarkin and Roman Gurtovoy, helped the capo-sadists turn off CCTV cameras and, in fact, participated in the concealment of violent crimes, including by forgery and falsification of chipboard documents about allegedly inoperative CCTV cameras, says Sergei Savelyev.

The video recordings from the recorder clearly show how some of the torturers do not hide their emotions and enjoy the crimes they commit. Loud music is heard on the video. According to Sergei, this was done so that other prisoners did not hear what was really happening in the room.

Based on the video materials available to human rights defenders, one can notice that prisoners communicate with each other practically without words, using gestures, which directly indicates the systematic nature of the torture taking place.

Answering Osechkin's question about who issued orders to issue video recorders to officials and prisoners, Sergei Savelyev replies that he always received such instructions either from the head of the security department or from his deputy. Specific instructions for the preparation of video recorders were given directly by Sergei Viktorovich Maltsev. According to Savelyev, the head of the security department Maltsev, being at the workplace during the torture, absolutely could not have been unaware of what was happening.

Note that not only documents are posted on YouTube, but also personal photos of all officials involved in the torture.

The continuation of the film is expected in the coming days. In the meantime, on the night of November 1 to 2, Facebook deleted the account of Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the project, without explaining the reason.

“They are afraid of the truth and publicity of their terrible crimes”, - he wrote in his telegram channel.

They stressed that access to the profile with almost five thousand friends and more than 12.4 thousand subscribers was closed on the night of November 2 without any complaints or warnings. At the same time, the page had a verification badge - to prove that the Facebook administration checked it.

The informant of the human rights project Sergei Savelyev, who handed over the archive of videos of torture in Russian colonies, has been put on the wanted list, according to the database of the Russian Interior Ministry. Currently, Savelyev is in France, where he asked for political asylum.

The "card" of Savelyev, which is on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only states that he is wanted under the article of the Criminal Code. What exactly he is accused of is not specified.