Posted 2 ноября 2021,, 17:08

Published 2 ноября 2021,, 17:08

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Unnecessary discovery: officials do not want to hear about maskless protection against covid

2 ноября 2021, 17:08
Back in April 2020, a Tomsk scientist developed and tested a device that protects a person from any viruses, but officials still have not appreciated this discovery.

Doctors say: only antiseptics, decontamination of citizens, cities and planet Earth, universal vaccination will destroy the coronavirus pandemic. You can, of course, fill cities with disinfection, you can put on four masks on one head, especially since there is no use from one or four, you can wrap your head in five layers of toilet paper, which is already a clinic. Despite the fact that, as the doctors themselves say, there is no cure for coronavirus, and vaccination does not protect against the penetration of the virus into the body. That is, first they (doctors) allow the virus to enter the body, and then they begin to fight it, without having the drugs for this ... You can suppress the panic of the population with the help of the police and the army.

But maybe it’s better not to bring this up? Maybe it is better to neutralize the virus, so to speak, on the approach to the target, to the human body?

In April 2020, Novye Izvestia already reported that Konstantin Shelevoy , a candidate of technical sciences, a pensioner from Tomsk, developed and patented a person's personal protection against coronavirus (and other viruses), the so-called Virtual Active Mask (VAM). "Virtual" - because there is nothing on the face. "Active" - because it not only stops viruses, but KILLS them. VAM is an optoelectronic device containing ultraviolet emitters and a power source located on a person's head (like a headlamp) on a fixing elastic band / elastic band or on a headdress (cap, baseball cap, hat, etc.).

Emitters create a protective area in front of a person, falling into which only biological debris from the virus remains for a fraction of a second. The radiation is directed downward and at an angle forward, protecting both the respiratory and visual organs (mucous membranes), creating a death zone for the virus in front of the person's face. At the same time, already at a distance of less than one meter, the radiation intensity falls much lower than the level that is dangerous for the eyes and skin of the oncoming person. To do any harm to his skin and vision, you need to irradiate them at such an intensity for several hours, which is unrealistic.

Covering half of the face, leaving the mucous membranes of the eyes and hands unprotected, passing up to 80% of viruses, a passive medical mask is not needed, breathing is free, the face is open (which is very important for girls and organs). Gloves are not needed, for hand disinfection it is enough to "perform namaz": raise your hands to the emitters and hold for a second with your front side and for a second with your back side - and there are no viruses on your hands.

Estimated price for VAM - 2900 rubles. once and for all, for all strains of coronavirus indiscriminately and all types of other viruses.

And here you will start thinking...

No quarantines closing entire cities and countries, no permits to enter / exit the house / city, closure of schools, public events, etc. are no longer needed. You also don't need to wrap your head with toilet paper.

The paradox: now the more people with this device in one place, the fewer viruses there and, accordingly, the less the likelihood of infection. Those. schools, subways, stadiums, public transport, supermarkets will not be the most dangerous, but on the contrary - the least dangerous to visit!

However, the main advantage of the device is not the protection of a person, although this is of paramount importance: IT SAVES THE WORLD ECONOMY. There will be no need to close factories, cities and countries for quarantine. The rhythm does not go astray and the production process does not go headlong, stock market indicators and rates of development do not fall, the world economy does not collapse, unemployment does not grow: the more people in one place, the fewer viruses there.

No reason - no effect: no need to treat anyone, no medicine or vaccines are needed.

A year and a half ago, "Novye Izvestia" asked Roszdravnadzor for a comment on the possibility of using the invention of the Tomsk scientist.

Unfortunately, the invention of home-made means of combating coronavirus has now acquired some massive proportions. This is already a mass phenomenon, but the "inventions" of citizens are not always harmless. Any medical device must be registered with Roszdravnadzor. During the registration procedure, all medical devices are tested for their effectiveness and safety. Accordingly, the use of unregistered medical devices, the effectiveness and safety of which has not been confirmed by appropriate tests, poses a serious threat to the life and health of citizens”, - then assistant to the head of the territorial body of Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and the Moscow region Yelena Balandina told NI.

So until now, there is no reaction to this proposal from the state authorities. Obviously, this is not a pandemic and viruses, but something else. You begin to guess what the matter is when you find out the reason for the refusal of Rospotrebnadzor to even consider the proposal: all competitive vaccinations to combat a pandemic are a sharp knife for him.

That is, all the current methods of struggle (masks and vaccinations) are off target because this is not a fight against a pandemic, but a business on a pandemic?

Prototypes, by the way, have been working for nineteen months in the risk group (70+) and on young people from 10 years old and are ready for demonstration.


At almost every metro station, employees are interested in:

- And what do you have there for the lights under the visor?

- And this is protection against coronavirus, this useless mask is for you, you demand, and this one is mine - for me, viruses do not reach my nose alive

- Why don't they give us one?

- So...

- rush-rush-rush-pikk (to the administration)"