Posted 3 ноября 2021,, 11:54

Published 3 ноября 2021,, 11:54

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"Soviet-German" instead of the Great Patriotic War. Ukraine is rewriting the history of the war

3 ноября 2021, 11:54
The Ukrainian authorities are making very ambiguous statements about the role of the Red Army in the liberation of this country from the Nazi invaders.

In Ukraine, there is a struggle with common sense, regular work is underway to distort the real history, the popular Belarusian blogger Andrei Chervonets is sure, complaining that the National Security and Defense Council of this country renamed the "Great Patriotic War" into "Soviet-German", although Romanians, Slovaks, Hungarians, and Finns fought on the territory of the USSR...

Chervonets is sure that if those who liberated Ukraine in 1943-1944 had survived to this day, they would have called the current Kiev government Nazi and bandit.

So Zelensky in his speech, stating that the country's territory was liberated by four "Ukrainian fronts", did not mention that all these formations were parts of the Soviet army, and citizens of all Soviet republics fought in them.

The President of Ukraine also praised the Banderites (banned in the Russian Federation - editor's note), Calling them "participants in the national liberation movement", for their great role in the liberation of Ukraine from the German invaders. He seemed to have forgotten that these "liberators" were exterminating the inhabitants of their republic and neighboring Belarus, as well as thousands of Jews.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal spoke even more abruptly, who attributed the honor of expelling the fascists from the country to the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. But they were not even on this territory, Chervonets writes, it was liberated by the Red Army.

That is, the country's authorities are simply trying to erase the historical memory of their people!

True, at the same time, Chervonets is silent about one very unpleasant fact, about how Stalin and Hitler divided the territories of Eastern Europe, including the Ukrainian one. The blogger is also silent about the Holodomor, into which it was Stalin who plunged Ukraine. However, these and other facts are preferred to remain silent in modern Russia as well.