Posted 3 ноября 2021,, 15:49

Published 3 ноября 2021,, 15:49

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The inventors showed the Ironman suit - the first personal aircraft

3 ноября 2021, 15:49
A person in such a suit can rise to an altitude of 3500 meters and move at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

At an army conference in the British city of Farnborough, they showed an aircraft that can turn a soldier into an Iron Man, according to the Daily Mail. The novelty was demonstrated by the inventor, CEO of Gravity Industries, Richard Browning.

The futuristic suit, equipped with five gas turbines, is capable of lifting a person to an altitude of 3500 meters and reaching speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. According to representatives of the British army, the demonstration of the "suit that defies gravity" was to demonstrate the possibility of its use by British soldiers in war zones. Richard Browning personally showed the novelty in business - took off, and then landed several times, on the hood of the jeep, on the roof of the truck cab, and on the balcony filled with spectators.

Gravity Industries has been cooperating with the British army for several years. Earlier this year, the inventors, along with the Marines, explored the possibility of using a jet suit on board a patrol vessel, making several test flights over the Plymouth Sound.