Posted 5 ноября 2021,, 10:36

Published 5 ноября 2021,, 10:36

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But they did not think about the patients... The network discussed the demarche of the ambulance employees of the city of Obluchye

5 ноября 2021, 10:36
As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the struggle between vaccines and anti-vaccines in Russia has entered a new phase: doctors have joined it. All 15 ambulance workers of the city of Obluchye, Jewish Autonomous Region, wrote letters of resignation, refusing to be vaccinated.

The chief physician of this substation, Vladislav Kogan, told the press:

“They warned that they would write letters of resignation. All 15 and wrote. While they are working, until November 15. And then I don’t know how to get out of the situation. I, as an employer, will remain guilty anyway. Fire it - the ambulance will remain uncovered. If I leave, I will be fined. A week ago I went to them, talked. They said they would not (be vaccinated). They all work part-time there in a covid hospital. Not a single one has yet fallen ill. And they say we don't want to. In Birobidzhan, more than 90% of employees have already got vaccinated..."

This case, of course, has received widespread resonance on social networks.

Journalist Igor Shulika only rejoices at this decision of doctors:

“For some reason, many write about this event with sympathy to doctors. Like the type, forced to leave. In fact, thank God that they left. Well, if a doctor is an anti-Vaxer, this is about the same as a doctor who heals with prayers and holy water. For God's sake, but this is not official and budget-funded medicine. You can become sorcerers and healers.

And one must understand that either vaccination will proceed, mandatory and with strict control, or the doctors who were vaccinated and are now working in the "red zones" will leave. They burn out, they get tired and it is impossible to work for a long time in such a mode of darkness.

So choose which doctors will leave and which ones are more dear to you..."

Berlin doctor Dmitry Holland is sure that this is a smart move:

“Because you cannot be forced to vaccinate. I am vaccinated, if that. And I work as a doctor, including an ambulance. From one substation, by the way, I quit this year because of their refusal to vaccinate me and the requirement to wear a useless muzzle in the car on the way to the patient. The scene is Berlin..."

But the Moscow doctor and writer Alexey Motorov, like most commentators, believes that, no matter what principles they are guided by, these doctors did not act ethically towards the residents of this city:

“I know neither the motive for the refusal, nor the arguments of these people, nor the circumstances. It is one thing to refuse vaccination in general, in principle: due to the superstition, or due to the protest. Another thing is that when they all got sick, they have tense immunity, antibodies and all that. Here, for example, is a close friend of mine who has undergone covid, whose antibodies are now going through the roof, and has a history of operated cancer, chemotherapy, that is, throughout the program. And I understand very much why she refuses to be vaccinated now. But first of all, on these doctors feet, I, of course, would think about the inhabitants of this Obluchye area".