Posted 8 ноября 2021,, 06:51

Published 8 ноября 2021,, 06:51

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Question of the day: why the authorities do not make amends to pensioners for blocking their social cards?

8 ноября 2021, 06:51
In Moscow and Tatarstan, social cards are suspended for free travel in public transport, but the money saved on this is not returned to pensioners. Why?
Moscow region

As you know, the authorities of Tatarstan intend to restrict the use of public transport, allowing travel on it only upon presentation of a QR-code or a certificate of medical exemption from vaccination. The transport cards of unvaccinated pensioners will be suspended. This was announced by the President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov, noting that such measures are dictated by the low rates of vaccination among pensioners and students.

But all this will happen 10 days after the holidays, but in Moscow it has already happened: dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the measures introduced for the long holidays, Moscow officials sent out SMS warning that in order to reduce the incidence of social cards. Recall that Moscow has already resorted to this measure at the beginning of 2021, and, as we can see, without much success.

Journalist Yulia Kalinina writes about this:

“Again they take out the old people, - said the grandmother-neighbor. - Well, let them choke”.

The pensioners have looked after places where cereals, vegetables, household items are sold at a cheaper price. They know canteens where food is free. But they have to go there. And if the preferential cards do not work, then there is no point in going there. You won't get anything.

Most pensioners are vaccinated, like my neighbor. She is furious that the discount passes have been taken away. And not only her. This is a blow to the budget for pensioners as well. And offensive, because age discrimination. Old people don't belong here, because.

It is believed that pensioners adore Sobyanin. Maybe they adored until "temporary suspension of benefits". But now, according to my feelings, they have changed radically. They hate fiercely..."

Here, in fairness, it should be noted that this measure will not affect vaccinated pensioners, and as for the rest, Muscovites who are extremely tired of the covid, on the contrary, supported this measure:

- Formally, the authorities have nothing to do with it: they would not make such decisions if individual citizens did not play... Then why not take anything at all? And in general, roll up covidarii, then they will overflow anyway. Just build more crematoria...

- Social cards work for those who have been ill and vaccinated, but how else to influence the stubborn ones? Let them get vaccinated.

All this is true, but an important question remains: and the money that will save the Moscow authorities on pensioners in this way, where will it go? As many commentators have correctly pointed out, why, at this time, do not retirees monetize the benefit they are accustomed to counting on?

Let us remind you that Novye Izvestia already raised this issue at the end of February this year, but did not receive an answer to it. But later it turned out that in this way the Moscow authorities saved 30 billion rubles belonging to pensioners. And now the same number? Is it not bold?