Posted 8 ноября 2021,, 08:05

Published 8 ноября 2021,, 08:05

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Spiritual bonds vs anthropology: deputy Milonov wrote a denunciation against the scientists' website

Spiritual bonds vs anthropology: deputy Milonov wrote a denunciation against the scientists' website

8 ноября 2021, 08:05
The public movement "Russian New Way" saw in the site materials the propaganda of lecherous actions against minors and the formation of attitudes towards the attractiveness of non-traditional sexual relationships.

The largest Russian scientific and educational portal dedicated to human evolution, ANTHROPOGENEZ.RU, which was launched back in 2010 at the initiative of the scientific journalist Alexander Sokolov and anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky, was subjected to a serious attack from Russian scrap-bearers led by the notorious deputy Milonov.

Alexander Sokolov wrote about this in his blog: “When you are engaged in such a project as ANTHROPOGENEZ.RU, your life is filled with amazing adventures. You go on expeditions, organize exhibitions, make films and cartoons, meet famous scientists ... write explanations to the police about child pornography... PARDON?

No friends, I'm not kidding. First, a police lady came to the address of my registration (I was not there). I asked my relatives questions: is Alexander Sokolov a positive person?

Then I got a call from the police and very politely invited me to come and talk to them. To my question, what is the matter, they answered: they received an appeal from the deputy of the State Duma Milonov Vitaly Valentinovich (And I thought it was a sinful thing to think of our great friends - laureates of the VRAL prize (the title is translated as a "Liar" - editor's note). It followed from the appeal that the site ANTROPOGENEZ.RU contains something obscene and related to minors.

Having visited the police, I give some details. It turns out that a certain public movement "Russian New Way" informed the deputy V.V. Milonov. about a certain Telegram channel (at the moment already non-existent), the information in which, as it is stated, "is aimed at the implementation of lecherous acts against minors", "the formation of attitudes towards the attractiveness of non-traditional sexual relationships", "produces pornographic materials with the participation of minors" and so on further, and so on. You understand that Mr. Milonov could not pass by this.

But you ask, what does ANTHROPOGENES.RU have to do with it? Very much even moreover: our site was quoted (!) In the aforementioned telegram channel. Specifically, the answers of Doctor of Biological Sciences are cited. Alexandra Markova and Ph.D. Stanislav Drobyshevsky's answer to a reader's question - see the screen and the entire article at the link in the first comment. Therefore, the authors of the slander (crossed out) of the appeal consider it necessary to check the site ANTHROPOGENEZ.RU for the presence of _destructive_ information. And at the same time - the official site of the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (!), Because the link to it is in the quote (here I am, unfortunately, not joking either). So I see how the district policeman comes to the office of the director of the IDU to find out: is that person a positive person?

Fortunately, the police have adequate people. They understand that this is some kind of surrealism and nonsense - to check whether the scientific and educational site ANTHROPOGENEZ.RU is distributing child porn. But, unfortunately, they are “obliged to react”, because the author of the nonsense has a parliamentary mandate.

I wrote an explanatory note. It is possible that this story will continue.

The year of science and technology in the Russian Federation is not over yet..."

And here is an excerpt from an interview with the site ANTROPOGENEZ.RU by the famous Russian scientist and educator, Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Markov, who so excited Mr. Milonov and the whole fastening company:

“… An evolutionary explanation of bisexuality is easy to give. And what about strict homosexuality, which does not seem to provide any adaptive advantages over bisexuality. However, strict homosexuality, in the form of a relatively rare variation, could develop as a rather inevitable and logical side effect of the combination of two traits supported by selection: 1) bisexuality (see above) and 2) sex “attachment” to love. If selection supports both mutations that promote bisexuality and mutations that contribute to the tendency to seriously fall in love / become attached to desired, potential or real sexual partners, then it is almost inevitable that a certain percentage of individuals will develop a stable homosexual orientation. Such cases are described, for example, by Konrad Lorenz in geese, which are characterized by strict monogamy - the tendency to become attached to one partner for life. If a male goose "by mistake" falls in love with another male, then it may be forever..."

The reaction of Sokolov's readers to this post was, as expected, unambiguous:

- It's just that in our country it is not welcome to tell the truth. So absolutely apolitical people began to fall under the rink. But this was to be expected. Political ones are running out, but someone has to be thrown in.

- Is it possible to calculate the cost of the man-hours spent by our investigating authorities and impose fines on Mr. Milonov?

- We are waiting for the ban of zoos, because in them children can see how a monkey masturbates, and this is the propaganda of masturbation, because of which children will not enter the Christian Paradise.

- Just as alcoholics who are tied up, having a predisposition to alcoholism, are afraid to break loose and consider wine to be an absolute evil, so latent homosexuals with porridge in their heads are the most terrible homophobes. They see depravity and pornography everywhere.

- You interfere with the commercial interests of many not the poorest people, hence such statements. It’s good that the police officers were adequate, it could have happened very differently, because for the majority, scientific and educational activities are something incomprehensible and suspicious.