Posted 9 ноября 2021,, 14:44

Published 9 ноября 2021,, 14:44

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A toy in the hands of parents: who will rescue the child prodigy Alisa Teplyakova?

A toy in the hands of parents: who will rescue the child prodigy Alisa Teplyakova?

9 ноября 2021, 14:44
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Alisa Teplyakova, a student of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, is the most ordinary child exposed to unprecedented parental pressure in the perverted information field organized around her.

Almost a month ago, "Novye Izvestia" published the material "Who are you, Evgeny Teplyakov?" In this article, well-founded fears were expressed that in fact Alisa fell victim to the exorbitant ambitions of her parents, who are not hesitant to exploit her abilities. There is practically no doubt that such a rush will only harm the girl. Moreover, no special talents were noticed behind her, and, therefore, it must be admitted that the parents simply deprived Alisa of her childhood.

Writer and publicist Marina Shapovalova, concerned about the fate of Alisa Teplyakova, convincingly proves in her publication that not only the girl's parents are to blame for this wild situation, but also those who have all the hype about her premature student life only on hand:

“A nine-year-old student of the psychology department of Moscow State University is a good informational occasion. Not just for her father.

The girl is normal, her behavior is appropriate for her age, there are no signs of advanced development. (Nine-year-old girls are also older, they are better able to control their motor skills.) Good memory, like most children. Parents forced its exploitation with maximum reading load. As a result, the girl read and memorized several hundred textbooks. I remembered the "C", as it turned out from the results of the exam, but this was enough to inflate the story.

So, we have a reanimation of the myth of super-capable children. But in a special version, which bears little resemblance to previous phenomena.

The geek fashion is not new. We have seen different ones. Some were known long before fashion.

  1. Children who have shown some outstanding talent from infancy. If it is not developed, it will not go anywhere, it will always distinguish a person from others, usually determines the occupation for life. This is the type of Mozart. If dad hadn't tortured little Wolfgang with a drill, Mozart might have done less, but he certainly wouldn't have become a baker or chimney sweep. It was enough for him to see and hear musical instruments in action. On the other hand, if such a Mozart were born at the same time in the South African savannah, we would never know anything about him. Simply because, from birth to death, he would not have met worthy ways to express his unique imagination. The same would happen with a potential great chess player who has never seen chess, with an artist who has not seen brushes and paints, but should he show them in early childhood...
  2. Children obsessed with the thirst for knowledge. In addition to good memory, which allows them to master reading at the same time as speaking, they are distinguished by an interest like "how everything works." They are able to study any topic in depth on their own. Usually, their interest seems to find its own sphere. If they are not disturbed, they eventually achieve certain success in their professional activities, usually scientific. Landau or Champollion type.
  3. "Children are victims of adult vices". The prodigies themselves promoted by their parents. Usually they become hostages of some of their "above average" abilities. Which, alas, are always equal to the average in the transition from childhood to adolescence. The further depends on what the outstanding children's abilities were spent on. It's good, for example, if a unique memory is loaded with the study of foreign languages - it will come in handy in life. It is quite a disaster if everything has gone into a "demonstration of tricks" - a growing up teenager will find himself at a broken trough. Nika Turbina's type.

The fractured and tragic fates of the prodigies made by adults seem to have cooled parental ambitions long ago - it became all too obvious that "trick demonstrations" do not end well with anything. But this year, the bored Russian TV audience was offered something completely different. An ordinary little girl, about whom one thing is clear: her dad has very big problems, not only with his head.

The nine-year-old older sister of Leia, Heimdall, Terra, Ailung, Feilung and Theseus is clearly being bullied by a mentally ill father. Alisa is afraid of him, always looks only at him, expects only his reaction. With him, she is not able to communicate with anyone. To please him, she is ready to re-read textbooks in two years, including those that cannot be given to a child. She, of course, does not understand this. As well as that which neither can understand in them, nor can remember anything. She will "let down" dad, which will become clear very soon, and which he will not forgive her. But the adults around willingly play along with her father and continue this dangerous circus. Instead of trying to save the child from the inevitable tragic denouement of the idea.

It’s ridiculous to say that Alisa’s case demonstrates the shortcomings of the educational standard with the USE testing. Of course, this child would never have passed even the regular school exams in the old programs. And he could never be enrolled in a university. It is enough to look at her and try to talk to her to understand this. Why would the administration of Moscow State University play this absurdity, agreeing to break the psyche of a little girl - it is incomprehensible to the mind. And there is no one to save her.

Alisa is not a child prodigy in any sense. She is an ordinary child under unprecedented parental pressure. In a perverted information field organized around her. It looks more like a child thrown into an arena with hungry predators - the bored audience is slightly animated and watching, crunching popcorn..."