Posted 9 ноября 2021,, 07:19

Published 9 ноября 2021,, 07:19

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"An inappropriate shower with Dad": the scandalous diary of Biden's daughter surfaced in the USA

9 ноября 2021, 07:19
Various embarrassments with reservations and immersion in the arms of Morpheus right during the negotiations that regularly happen with Joe Biden seem to be relegated far into the background - a colossal scandal flares up around the US President, which will most likely not be extinguished just like that.

"The FBI is investigating the connection of the conservative media company Project Veritas with the case of the stolen diary of Biden's daughter," writes NBC News.

Portal Then 24. com picks up the theme:

“In the journal of the daughter of US President Joe Biden , authenticated by the New York Times and the FBI, Ashley Biden describes drug abuse and intrigue, as well as episodes of 'inappropriate' showering with her father, Joe. On the pages of the diary, she also asks herself the question: "Have I been abused?", And she herself answers it: "I think so." A copy of the diary of President Joe Biden's daughter allegedly turned out to be real. According to media reports, the FBI searched several apartments as part of an investigation into the alleged theft. According to a number of media outlets, on Thursday, FBI officials raided the homes of two employees of the Project Veritas "information disclosure" platform. The raids, first reported by the New York Times on Friday, came a little over a year after the publication of the entire contents of Ashley Biden's diary by the conservative American newspaper National File . Meanwhile, representatives of the Project Veritas media company stressed that they had nothing to do with the release of excerpts of the diary entries in October 2020, but, apparently, they were involved in the alleged "theft" of the diary of the president's 40-year-old daughter"

Federal agents searched several locations belonging to current and former members of the conservative media company Project Veritas on Thursday as part of an investigation into a possible theft of a diary belonging to President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden, according to a statement from the group's website and FBI officials.

The Times, citing two sources informed about the matter, reported that the US Department of Justice has been investigating the case since October 2020, after a representative of the Biden family notified that several of Ashley Biden's personal belongings were missing as a result of the burglary. ... On Friday, Project Veritas CEO James O'Keefe, who is known for producing top-of-the-line, "Gotcha!" Investigations, said in a statement. about democratic politicians, activists and media representatives, it is said that his team was approached by people claiming that they had got the diary of Biden's daughter, but O'Keeffe did not dare to publish it. According to O'Keefe, at the end of last year, his company was approached by individuals who claimed to have a copy of Ashley Biden's diary, they explained that they were negotiating with another media outlet “to pay money for making this diary available to the editorial board. ".

“In the end, we made an ethical decision, because, in part, we could not then determine if the diary was real, if the diary really belonged to Ashley Biden, and therefore we could not publish the diary and any of its parts.”

O'Keeffe noted that they turned over the diary to law enforcement after Ashley Biden's attorney refused to accept or confirm its authenticity. The excerpts from this diary were published on the National File about two weeks after the New York Post began publishing stories about information and emails that were on a laptop owned by Biden's son and Ashley's half-brother, Hunter. Rudy Giuliani , former President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, said he gave the hard drive to conservative tabloids and that the laptop was acquired legally after it was abandoned by Hunter in a computer store in Delaware. NBC News was unable to confirm the content and authenticity of emails and other recordings after Giuliani refused to provide a copy of the hard drive. Giuliani told The New York Times that he went with this hard drive to the New York Post, " NBC News notes.

Meanwhile, here's how in his video entitled "SHOCK: Shower with daughter. Is this our president?" the situation is commented on by the popular Russian blogger Sanya in Florida , who has lived in the United States for 20 years.

“Guys, it was really hard for me to prepare this issue, because those materials about our President Joe Biden that I will show you today are just shock, shock!

The FBI is now trying to stuff it all under the rug, but it's too late. "National Files", "National Files" - National Filed - have already published these materials.

The characterization of our president is just a nightmare, I have no words.

I do not understand how, after this, a person can generally remain in any leading position anywhere. After that, I don't even see such a person in the position of a manager at some McDonald's. He can't even be allowed there after that.

And the FBI has confirmed the legitimacy of all this. And this is just brutal, guys.

... So what happened to the Biden family? Ashley Blazer Biden's diary was published.

... The media write, this is what: a few months after the group received the diary, which according to the informant belonged to the youngest daughter of US President Joe Biden, the FBI began to conduct searches of members of the conservative group Project Veritas, including James O'Keefe , the leader of this project.

In a video posted on YouTube, James O'Keefe said his organization had received a jury subpoena and that the homes of former and current Project Veritas employees had been ransacked by federal agents .

So this is serious guys. Moreover, the US media pressures to shove this story under the carpet, but they will not succeed, sorry!

Searches are underway, people are trying to intimidate, but - too late, so to speak, the bird flew out.

This "birdie" is the diary of President Biden's daughter, in which she talks about her life. The diary is, of course, terrible.

More than 120 pages published.

And already, look, there are publications in the media that "the FBI confirms that this is Ashley Biden's real diary". Two times there is an indication of her full name on the pages of the diary, plus representatives of the FBI confirmed that this is Ashley Biden's real diary.

And now I'll show you just a shocking page where she talks about how she was raped in childhood.

Violence was used against her. Unfortunately, she writes, she does not remember exactly what happened. When children have such traumatic events, they very often "block" it in memory, this is a very common phenomenon.

I will not read all this out loud, I will only read one paragraph. After she talks about all this horror, she writes about showers with my Dad, probably not appropriate.

That is, she writes about her father, that she took a shower with him, most likely, an "inappropriate shower" (the blogger translated it like vicious; not appropriate can also be translated as indecent, frivolous - editor's note). You probably understand what “nasty shower with daddy” means. I will not explain this in order to avoid any bans and strikes.

In general, the fact is this: it turns out that our president raped his daughter when she was a little girl. I took a shower with her.

How can this be understood differently? Well, honestly, guys, it won't work “differently”.

I think what happened is that she was raped, most likely by US President Joe Biden. Most likely. There are no options here: “shower with my dad; most likely not appropriate"

How else to understand this, guys, tell me? It's just a shock!"