Posted 9 ноября 2021,, 13:33

Published 9 ноября 2021,, 13:33

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Question of the day: why do Russians need to measure the amount of antibodies?

Question of the day: why do Russians need to measure the amount of antibodies?

9 ноября 2021, 13:33
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Experts believe that antibody tests do not give a real picture of the state of the immune system and are another way of taking money from the population.

As you know, the Order of Alexander Nevsky was awarded to the head of the Gamaleyz Center Alexander Gintsburg - "for services in the field of health care and many years of conscientious work". The award decree was published on the Internet portal of legal information. This event, as well as the latest statements by the order bearer himself, caused a mixed reaction on social networks.

For example, the historian Timofey Shevyakov jokes: "Awarding Gintsburg with an order named after a prince who died from poisoning is a very subtle, elegant joke, I appreciate it..."

Journalist Kirill Shulika drew attention to the amusing selectivity in the distribution of awards in our country:

“Putin awarded Alexander Gintsburg with the Order of Alexander Nevsky. What does this mean in Russian Byzantineism? The fact that there are two vaccines in Russia.

"Sputnik V" - a state award. "Sputnik Light" - Order of Alexander Nevsky.

The rest of the vaccines, it is clear that Epivaccorona and Kovivac are not. Well, that is, they are, but they did not work out. Try to admit it at the state level".

An ambiguous reaction was also caused by yesterday's statement by Gintsburg that "people who have identified more than 300 antibodies according to the international counting system can be almost completely exempted from the restrictions associated with COVID-19..."

According to the scientist, it is necessary to "draw a line" between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not yet been vaccinated. “They need to be sharply distinguished. Those who have more than three hundred antibodies can practically not be limited”, - he said.

Journalist Vasily Alenin notes on this:

Thanks Gintsburg! Breathed new life into the old fun of measuring ... you know what. Now Russians will be culturally measured with antibodies.

But this fashion is unlikely to go beyond the framework of the Russian Federation. Western virologists are skeptical about antibody measurement. Unlike PCR-tests, this analysis is not covered by health insurance and is not recommended by doctors due to its limited information content. According to a professor at the School of Biological Sciences in Lausanne, one of the authors of the article in Science on the use of plasma from people who have been ill for the treatment of covid D. Trono, “the potential of immune whether they are or not".

“It is clear that someone wants us all to be tested and vaccinated every six months, or better every month... Antibody tests are just a business,” said K. Andreyev, an employee of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Northwestern University of the United States. ...Oh sure! But a multimillion dollar business, like vaccinations".

The publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan drew attention to another aspect of the problem:

“Gintsburg literally in April of this year prophesied the acquisition of indefinite immunity for those who would undergo pricking with a magic potion. Before that, in December 20 of the year, immunity was declared in two years (but Pfizer, Gintsburg said at that moment, only three to four months). In October of this year, he also announced that revaccination with Sputnik Light prolongs immunity by as much as six months. Excuse me, but what about the vaccination, which is valid for two years? Why then revaccination, which is already being started to be used after the validity period of QR-codes in six months?

Such inconsistency is evidence of a complete managerial mess and bedlam. These people literally receive instructions that contradict each other, and put them into circulation, not at all embarrassed that they contradict the previously existing attitude".