Posted 9 ноября 2021,, 16:13

Published 9 ноября 2021,, 16:13

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The new orientation of the communists: instead of a bright future, they now have a bright past

The new orientation of the communists: instead of a bright future, they now have a bright past

9 ноября 2021, 16:13
Modern communist propaganda is aimed at Russians who did not have time to catch all the delights of Soviet life.

Writer Sergey Besedin commented on the content of the poster, which fans of the "most humane" political system hung in the entrance of his house in honor of the next anniversary of the October 1917 coup:

“That, of course, is an amazing people - the Communists.

For more than seventy years we have been feeding us tales of a bright future. About a separate apartment for each family. That soon people will come to the store, take whatever they want from the shelf, for free, but since they are very conscious, there will be enough for everyone. That apple trees will bloom on Mars. Well, and other utopian nonsense.

And now another thirty years have passed, and now the Communists 2.0 are feeding us with tales of the bright past. It turns out that that wretched existence without shoes and furniture, sausage and normal coffee, good dentistry and decent hairdressers - this was the golden age. Only we, out of our own stupidity, did not understand this. And now they missed it, but it's too late.

I found this ridiculous agitation of comrades Sukhorukov and Tyrtyshny pasted at my entrance. Communists turn to casual readers from a single person, so, in fact, it is not clear who the author is - Tyrtyshny or Sukhorukov.

The text of the congratulation is so magical that you want to take it apart by the bones.

"The conquests of the Great October are the best free education, free medicine, affordable recreation for adults and a system for the development of children, worthy of a pension, an efficient housing and communal system."

That, it turns out, was how many good things were in Soviet times! And how did I (to overlook this?

As for the best free education - apparently, Comrade Tyrtyshny (born in 1976), while still a toddler, managed to study not only in a Soviet school and university, but also in elite institutions in England, France and Switzerland and came to an unequivocal conclusion: yes, we are better. Indeed, where else can you learn, against your will, the structure of a pigeon's cloaca and learn how to make wooden stools? Yes, nowhere!

And the famous Soviet pensions! In the late Brezhnev time, they averaged 70 to 80 rubles. The money is crazy! You can't even figure out what to do with them! As I remember now, every year crowds of Soviet pensioners went on safari to Kenya, admiring the Norwegian fjords or relaxing on the Greek islands.

“High morals, absence of crime, resources of the country working for all citizens are all the achievements of the socialist system”, - the authors continue to spread like a nightingale.

Apparently, it was high morality that helped the Soviet people write four million denunciations. How can it be without morality? And individual criminals, such as Chikatilo - they, as you know, were dropped from America to us by parachute.

God, God (which actually does not exist!), Who is this offal designed for? Who is this naive consumer of communist noodles?

In turn, I also congratulate Messrs. Communists on this very anniversary and wish them to quickly leave the hated capitalism and go to the place where socialism has been preserved in its original form. To Venezuela or North Korea. And they (and us) will be happy.