Posted 10 ноября 2021,, 09:25

Published 10 ноября 2021,, 09:25

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In two years, a millionaire from Batumi "gave birth" to 21 children from surrogate mothers

In two years, a millionaire from Batumi "gave birth" to 21 children from surrogate mothers

10 ноября 2021, 09:25
Фото: инстаграм Batumi_mama
In total, 23 children are growing up in the family of a 24-year-old housewife and a 57-year-old businessman.

In less than two years, Christina and Galip Ozturk had 21 children - of course, not without the help of surrogate mothers, reports The Sun.

The head of the family is a millionaire, so it was not difficult for him to pay for surrogacy services, which amounted to 168,000 euros, and spend another 96,000 annually on 16 nannies who work around the clock, caring for the rapidly growing Ozturk family. The oldest of the "surrogate" children is 19 months old, the youngest is three. The couple are also raising a six-year-old daughter, Christina, from a previous relationship and one of Galip's nine older children. In addition to 24-hour nannies, there are many cooks, cleaners and helpers living in the house.

Christina Ozturk maintains an Instagram account Batumi-mama, which has 160,000 subscribers. "Why BATUMI MAMA? Why MAMA, I think, is understandable, because I consider the role of mom to be dominant in my life... And why Batumi ...Because here I met my husband, who moved to Georgia much earlier than me, we chose this beautiful country for life. Where the husband is, there I am, our whole family is there. Why 22 children? There is no answer, we just love children very much, and therefore we see no obstacles for our family to be complete”, - the woman writes. In the header of her account it's mentioned: "22 children. 24 years old. Will we have 105 children?"