Posted 10 ноября 2021, 08:18

Published 10 ноября 2021, 08:18

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On Sakhalin, dozens of servicemen gave bribes for the right to fight in Syria

10 ноября 2021, 08:18
Фото: Пресс-служба Минобороны РФ/ТАСС
Courts in the Sakhalin Region courts have fined more than 30 military personnel for attempting to get them sent on business trips to Syria for bribes.

Military lawyer Ivan Zharkov collected money from servicemen dreaming of getting into a "hot spot", Kommersant reports.

However, it later became clear that, despite the bribe paid to Zharkov, the Sakhalin servicemen could not get to Syria.

When the scam with the "sale" of business trips to Syria came to light, Zharkov was put on trial. He was accused not of taking bribes, but of fraud, since it turned out that he was not actually involved in sending colleagues to Syria, but that he appropriated the money received.

As indicated by Interfax, Zharkov worked in local units as a legal adviser. He claimed to have "connections" in the personnel department of the Eastern Military District (VVO), and could assist in sending servicemen on a mission to Syria.

For many military personnel, such a trip looked very attractive because it paid very well. In addition, travel to Syria is automatically awarded veteran status, guaranteeing monthly lifetime payments and other benefits.

The cost of Zharkov's "services" varied depending on the military ranks of the candidates. So, from privates and sergeants, he took 20 thousand rubles, from officers and warrant officers - 30-40 thousand rubles. He received funds both in cash and on a savings card. Customers sent copies of documents on the passage of the payment to the lawyer via WhatsApp.

Three trials have already taken place against Zharkov. Twice his case was considered by the Kuril military court and once - by the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk one. Each case involved 10-11 victims and the amount of payments averaged 250 thousand rubles. A lawyer who fully pleaded guilty to fraud received a mild sentence not related to actual imprisonment. First, he was given six months of corrective work with a deduction of 10% of his earnings. Then the punishment was replaced with a restriction on service for a year and a half with the same deduction of earnings.

The bribe-givers, accused of attempted bribe-giving to an official, also did not end up in the colony. They were fined from 30 to 90 thousand rubles and sentenced to pay legal costs.

When the military was tried for a similar crime in St. Petersburg in 2019-2020, two officers received real prison sentences.