Posted 10 ноября 2021,, 16:41

Published 10 ноября 2021,, 16:41

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Vladimir Mashkov: "America is stocked up with fools for many years to come"

10 ноября 2021, 16:41
The artistic director of the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Mashkov, in an interview on the YouTube channel of Nadezhda Strelets, spoke about his understanding of the mentality of Americans and his attitude to the new ethics.

“There are different feelings, sensations... What is New Year for you, and for those people who live in America, these are different things. That is, for you, a person living here, these are holidays, this is a Christmas tree, these are oranges, Olivier, "Irony of Fate" (a very popular movie in Russia - editor's note), these are some other events, but in the USA it is not like that.

At twelve at night, after twelve, everyone goes to bed. Took pictures, and that's it. This is not a period of life, but just one of the days. Christmas is another holiday, this one is already a home holiday.

But in a country where unfamiliar people sit at the table, but these are people pleasant to each other, well, already knowing each other, who came to dine, and at the end of dinner they begin to calculate who and how much ate, and how much does it cost, and these are quite successful people... I was in dumbfounded.

Well, this is “a normal phenomenon - you pay for yourself”... But for me this is not a normal phenomenon.

When we come somewhere, mostly I try to pay, but there is someone big-headed and faster than me, he intercepts and pays.

That is, a country where everyone is sitting next to you, and after that, well, I'll say: "May I pay?" and I will pay for your tea, coffee, but you would look at me like a beast and say, “no need, I can pay off myself” - so I don’t know what to talk about with you further. And I can pay myself too.

And at the same time we will talk about feelings, about justice, is there any, but tell me, what about love, but how is this so - helping people, but how about joy?

America is stocked up with fools for many years to come. And fools are actively stocked up.

It seems to me that I commented as much as possible on my attitude to everything that is happening (talking about the so-called "new ethics" - editor's note). Such people are amassed and they will be added again and again. In a geometric progression.

A lot of things come from America, technologies, weapons, meanings... It would be nice to adopt the good ones - scientific knowledge, useful knowledge.

But there is no need to adopt this, no need to to produce a number of fools$ one fool breeds another, one freak brings up another group of freaks - and they offer this as a model of human existence”.

The entire interview with Vladimir Mashkov can be viewed here.