Posted 11 ноября 2021,, 07:20

Published 11 ноября 2021,, 07:20

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Actress and cosmonaut Yulia Peresild: “I've been accused of something during all my life. I got used to it..."

Actress and cosmonaut Yulia Peresild: “I've been accused of something during all my life. I got used to it..."

11 ноября 2021, 07:20
In an interview on the "Tell Gordeeva" YouTube channel, actress Yulia Peresild, who can now rightfully be called an astronaut, spoke about how she treats reproaches "in the PR of Roscosmos," and also explained why she does not see herself in the State Duma.

“I am so often accused of everything, and I accept all these accusations so openly ... Honestly, I do not even take offense at them.

I've been accused of something all my life. It happened so. Many different accusations, whatever you do.

Someone starred in a film - they are accused of this ... And then they are accused ... Well, what, what is being accused, is not so, I know that.

And who should answer the accusations of something that does not exist? And any my answer to these accusations is a confession that this is so, but this is not. This is my position.

And about Roscosmos PR - what's wrong with Roscosmos PR?

This is a big problem, in fact, in our country as well.

You have been to America several times (addresses the interviewer Ekaterina Gordeeva - note "NI"), you see how people treat their flag.

Why do we every time - including me - as soon as something is connected with flags, with this country, or something else - why do we immediately start to go into the shadows? No, no, no, it's not for me, like ... Why?

I think it's just a tendency that "somewhere is better than ours." This is the case.

But from the fact that we admit that somewhere is better than ours, we will not get any better. Well, someone has to do this, someone has to improve.

You can’t just slander endlessly, you can’t not see anything good and say that everything is bad with us, we will go there.

AND? So what? Will be better? No.

Another question is that it always turns out hard, it hurts. Yes. How else? Well, someone has to change that. Someone has to make the change anyway.

... I think that our policy does not need me at all. I'm an awkward type, I talk a lot.

I still can hardly do anything that is not to my heart. My heart is too hot.

And in general, I do not want, I am an actress. This is my usefulness to the world.

Somehow it turns out that they (actresses who are in the State Duma - approx. "NO") either cease to be actresses, or cease to be in the State Duma.

It doesn't work that way. There are no such combinations. I knew Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin, and he also alternated - here and there. It cannot be combined.

The entire episode with the participation of Yulia Peresild can be viewed here .