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Published 11 ноября 2021,, 17:10

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New abnormality: in which countries it is already possible to change the gender of children

New abnormality: in which countries it is already possible to change the gender of children

11 ноября 2021, 17:10
The degeneration of humanity is in full swing. One of the signs of the process is the creeping "gender revolution" or, as it is also called in social networks, gender "pandemic", "paranoia" and "schizophrenia", which is spreading to more and more countries.

Governments, copying each other, are racing to seriously discuss the legalization of gender reassignment in childhood, and pass the corresponding laws.

“The tsarina gave birth to a son or a daughter in the night…”, in this context you involuntarily recall these lines of Pushkin. To most of our fellow citizens, this will seem insanity and absurdity, someone will remember a strong word, and more than one, but the facts are as follows: in a number of countries, children already have the right to change gender, and without parental consent.

In Norway, a similar right for young residents of the country appears from the age of seven, and in the UK - from nine. Five years ago, over 800 little Englishmen aged 10 and older were receiving gender reassignment drugs. In recent years, the demand for such drugs has increased sharply, as local doctors began to pay "closer attention to babies who feel out of their bodies," wrote the Medikforum medical portal.

In Denmark, you can change your gender from the age of 12, but at the same time without changing your passport. And earlier this year, the Ethics Council recommended that the authorities allow children to legally record gender reassignment from the age of ten, the Danish edition Berlingske reported.

“We just listened to the families and children whom this issue concerns, as well as to the words of experts on this issue,” said the chairman of the Ethics Council, Anne-Marie Axe Gerdes. At the same time, she noted that she herself is still not sure that this decision of the council is really correct, and stressed that so far too little research has been done on the psychology of children 10-12 years old.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Ministry of Public Affairs has prepared and submitted for discussion two bills that make it easier to change gender: one concerns legal change of documents at an earlier age, the other - hormone therapy and surgery for transgender people. The RT channel writes about this with reference to Swedish television.

The head of the ministry and a member of the Social Democratic Party Lena Hallengren informed the Swedes about these bills. According to the plan, surgical intervention will remain available only from the age of 18: the previous version of the law, which proposed lowering the minimum age for consent to surgery to 15 years, was heavily criticized.

The current version leaves 18 years as a lower threshold, but allows you to obtain permission for such surgery from local medical institutions, rather than requesting from federal departments.

At the same time, the opportunity to officially change gender directly according to the documents will appear already from the age of 12.

The Australian authorities went further - that is, they began to "process" the consciousness of very young children.

The Daily Mail reported that the administration of New South Wales has proposed allowing children from three years of age to choose their gender.

According to these recommendations, three-year-olds should be given the opportunity to choose the pronoun that they like best in relation to addressing themselves.

In addition to the traditional "he" and "she", it is proposed to include the pronouns "it" and "they" for those who see themselves outside the binary gender system.

“There is news that causes shock, shock, even despair. And there are those that cause disgust at the physiological level. Here is one of them, ”- commenting on this news from Australia, Maria Zakharova noted in Rossiyskaya Gazeta in her long article on the topic of“ new normalcy”.

A number of foreign scientists and experts criticized this proposal of the Australian authorities. According to Maria Zakharova, these are the healthy voices that still remain in the West. According to these people, the issue of gender at such an early age can have an extremely negative impact on the personal development of the child.

“Children do not fully understand the concept of gender, as well as the meaning of pronouns, so this initiative is inappropriate. We must allow children to be children. They should not be forced to accept the theory that there are more than two genders, which is scientifically false, ”said Dr. Bella d'Abrera, a researcher at the Institute of Public Relations, in an interview with Daily Mail.

The Scottish government is also very concerned about the gender issue: the local authorities decided to allow children in schools and kindergarten, starting from the age of four, to "change gender" depending on their wishes. And - attention! - without the knowledge of the parents.

According to these guidelines, children should be allowed to use whatever toilet they want, and school uniforms should include gender-neutral options. In addition, teaching materials for elementary grades should contain transgender characters and relevant role models.

In Canada, a child may also not ask their parents for permission to change their gender. The operation will be carried out without the consent of mom and dad.

Since the introduction of the so-called “gender inclusiveness” program in Canadian schools, such cases have increased in the country. The taboo on the sexual question, in countries such as Canada, has long been removed. It is not considered something shameful if the teacher recommends watching cartoons on the relevant topic, available on the Internet.

Those who promote such videos call them "educational", openly ignoring the ethical, moral and ethical component. Already in the fourth grade in Canadian schools, "gender knowledge" is deepened so much that among the topics of discussion there is even, say, masturbation.

Public activist Chris Elston published on his YouTube channel an audio recording made in the seventh grade, that is, listeners 12 years old. The Russian Channel One made a story on this topic and brought this record:

“There are many more identifications between a man and a woman, non-binary, gender-undefined, lesbian or transgender. People like your parents or grandparents may not have as much information on this topic as we do.

Therefore, if you want to change your gender, you don't have to ask your parents at all. Their opinion in Canada is irrelevant as long as the procedure is approved by a doctor. This is stipulated by law".

Of course, the United States has taken on a particular scale of gender paranoia. At the end of October, the Department of State announced the first issued American passport with a third gender "X" mark, subsequently all applicants will be able to obtain it, starting in 2022.

One of the most high-profile recent stories on the topic is the situation in which seven-year-old James from Texas found himself, whose mother suddenly wanted to turn her son into a daughter after she divorced the boy's father.

The woman's ex-husband and James's dad tried with all their might to prevent this "venture". But he didn't seem to have much of a chance, given the current wave of transgender madness in the States. However, the judge, contrary to the opinion of the jury, eventually forbade the child to change the gender. So the boy will remain the boy, at least for now.

By the way, Wall Street Journal journalist Abigail Schreier published an investigation book "Irreversible Damage" last year, in which she told about the incredible interest that transgender children and adolescents arouse in the United States and, in particular, about the "social infection" of adolescent girls who decide to change their gender.

“We do not have centralized medicine in the US and the patient does not need a gender dysphoria diagnosis from a professional psychotherapist to receive hormones at a gender clinic. These two factors make it difficult to obtain accurate data on this sudden surge. Be that as it may, we know the following: the number of gender clinics in the United States has increased from 2 in 2007 to more than 50 at the moment”, - Abigail Schreyer told Le Figaro.

In her opinion, any unnecessary medical procedure constitutes irreversible damage. “However, I don’t think such surgeries are always harmful: I have spoken to many transgender adults who claim it helped them. But socially contagious teenage girls who are pushed to hormones and surgery with insufficient medical supervision undergo constant body changes that they may regret. This is where the irreversible damage lies".

The story of Shiloh, the daughter of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, can be considered a reminder of how unstable a child's desire to suddenly become a person of the opposite gender can be, and, accordingly, what personal tragedies such a decision may be fraught with in the future. In short: she was born a girl, wanted to become a boy, took hormone therapy, but still, it seems, changed her mind.

At the age of about two and a half years, little Shiloh announced to her parents that she did not want to be a girl. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the girl's father said that her daughter does not recognize her name. “If she is addressed as Shiloh, she does not answer, but as soon as she is called John, the answer is immediately received,” - said Pitt.

“After some time, the girl decided that she needed not only a man's name, but also an appropriate hairstyle, clothes, shoes. So she got a boyish haircut, and her wardrobe began to consist exclusively of suits or sportswear. Parents, although they did not share her choice, decided not to contradict their daughter. They put up with both the boyish haircut and the unusual style of Shiloh's clothes. True, then a lot of negativity and anger from the side of journalists and fans poured out on them. Many did not share their indulgence in their daughter's strange desires. But the parents nevertheless remained true to their convictions that there was no need to break and remake the child, but to give him the right to find himself.

Soon, more decisive and drastic measures were taken: Shilo decided on a gender transition, starting with the intake of hormones. Exactly how long it lasted is not entirely clear, but, fortunately, for some reason, she changed her mind about becoming John. Although there were rumors that at the age of thirteen Shiloh even made documents in this name. Shiloh's taste change was noticed earlier this year.

And although she did not completely abandon the usual costumes, still dresses appeared in her wardrobe that suit her very much. For what reason this happened is unknown, but the girl decided to grow her hair. At the recent premieres of the acclaimed film "The Eternals" Shiloh was first seen wearing light makeup and elegant dresses. Some believe that Shiloh embraced her femininity and attractiveness during her teens. Others think that the desire to become a boy was nothing more than a manifestation of her rebellious nature and desire to attract attention to herself. In any case, now Shilo has every chance to become a real style icon, because she is being watched, imitated by teenagers from all over the world”, - writes blogger masterok.

To summarize: the boundaries of the norms are blurring at an astronomical speed. "New ethics", "new normality" are sweeping the planet.

Fashion houses Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and others sign contracts with transgender models, and children in libraries are literally arranged "transvestite readings" ( Novye Izvestia wrote about this in the article "Hour of stories from transvestites": a new project in US schools shocks the public ) by popularizing such images and lifestyles. Why, even the children of presidents "deny gender". "NI" talked about the son of the head of Argentina, who works as a drag artist: in July last year, Estanislao Fernandez announced that he considered himself a "non-binary person" and received an identity card with an "X" in the box on gender.

Believers, religious people note: there is nothing to be surprised at, we live in "the last times". People who are far from religion, but adhere to traditional values, on which the world has been holding for centuries, also understand a lot. In particular, it is understandable why Vladimir Putin proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as a result of which the concept of marriage as a union of a man and a woman was consolidated.

That is, a gender-based fire is going according to plan, and look, according to Bulgakov, "the earth will hit the celestial axis". The question is whether Russia will want to and whether it will be able, when exactly, not for fun, to extinguish this fire in our country...