Posted 15 ноября 2021,, 16:12

Published 15 ноября 2021,, 16:12

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Biomaterial from children: the Ministry of Health and the Department of Education differ in their estimates

Biomaterial from children: the Ministry of Health and the Department of Education differ in their estimates

15 ноября 2021, 16:12
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Inna Gorislavtseva and Natalya Titova, leaders of the Parents' Association social and political movement, conducted a live broadcast on Instagram, sharing urgent news about the response of the Ministry of Health, which says in black and white: the procedure for taking biomaterial from mucous membranes is medical.

That is, the answer of the Ministry of Health is contrary to what the Moscow Department of Education claims.

Novye Izvestia has already talked about the reaction of participants in the parental movement to the news about the start of PCR testing for coronavirus in ten Moscow schools. In particular, the "Parents' Association" immediately published a registration certificate for a medical device - tests for diagnostics of covid, which indicate the class of potential risk of using a medical device: "3". Class "3" is a high-risk medical device.

The parental unions (t / parental_unions ) posted the answer from the Ministry of Health on their telegram channel parental_unions. It follows from the document that the appeal was reviewed by the Department of Organization of Medical Aid and Sanatorium and Resort Affairs of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation together with the chief freelance specialist in clinical laboratory diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of Russia T.V. Vavilova ".

In particular, the letter says: “According to the information provided by T.V. Vavilova, the procedure for taking biomaterial from mucous membranes refers to medical interventions. Medical interventions are performed by a medical professional who has the right to carry out medical activities (as amended by the Federal Law of 29.12.2015 No. 389-FZ (Federal Law - editor's note) "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation").

We publish a photo of this letter from the telegram "Unions of parents" (parental_unions).

“Whatever school principals, the Moscow Department of Education and so on, write to us in responses, now, thanks to one of the parents, we have an answer from the Ministry of Health.

The letter clearly states that directly removing biomaterial from the nasopharyngeal mucosa is a medical procedure.

... And even if, in the form of delirium, to think that these tests would not be intended for medical manipulations, then the very procedure of removing biomaterial from the nasopharynx is a medical procedure.

We will certainly publish this wonderful letter. We are now preparing a letter addressed to the very ten principals of Moscow schools, who took the liberty of declaring, in unison with the Department of Education of the capital, that this procedure is not of a medical nature. We will definitely bring to their attention the information that has become available to us, thanks to the corresponding response from the Ministry of Health.

And from the moment when they are informed by an official letter that there is an appropriate clarification of the Ministry of Health, which runs counter to the statements of the Department of Education regarding what kind of manipulation is - household or medical, to say that they were not informed - they will no longer be able to. The Ministry of Health clarified that this is medicine in its purest form.

And once they are informed, they will have the right to choose: to continue to carry out a knowingly criminal order, fulfilling the will of the Department of Education, and thus incur criminal liability for actions related to possible damage to the life and health of children, especially in that if, God forbid, high school students will be given this stick in their hands so that they can move in their noses on their own - or still stop executing the corresponding order, realizing that it is illegal.

No one in a good mind and sound memory is obliged to carry out illegal orders. In order not to become, as they say, an accomplice.

So we have the answer that this procedure is medical, that this procedure can be performed only with the informed consent of the parents.

We have information that some pilot schools continue to test children, and in some schools the testing dates are slightly shifted. Either the directors have changed their minds there, or they are still waiting for some order from above.

If we were talking about a separated biomaterial - well, they spat into a glass, pee in a jar, pooped into a box ... Here the patient can collect the separated "contents" on his own. Such "contents" that are extracted outside - spitting into a glass, urine, something else, this is a non-invasive extraction. And, accordingly, such a person can do it himself.

If there were tests in which it would be necessary to spit on some kind of palette, and the children would be offered to just spit in order to have a result, then, yes, it would not violate the rights of the child, in terms of the withdrawal of this bio-sample. But it would still require a written voluntary consent to the seizure of biomaterial, ”said Natalia Titova and Inna Gorislavtseva, leaders of the social and political movement “ Parents' Union ” during a live broadcast on Instagram.

And here is what Mikhail Timonov, a deputy of the Moscow City Duma and Coordinator of the Citizen Observer project, wrote in his social networks about this.

“The departments argued their position by the fact that it was not a medical manipulation.

But the Ministry of Health of Russia had a different opinion!

The official response states in black and white: "the procedure for taking biomaterial from the mucous membranes refers to medical interventions".

Do you understand?

You can talk as much as you like about the harmlessness of sticks, that this is a simple procedure...

But the Ministry of Health answered clearly: MEDICAL INTERVENTION.

Regulated by Russian legislation exactly as we indicated.

And not two departments that tried to oblige teachers to pick students' noses, and then, to protect themselves from the indignation of parents by providing deliberately false information.

To be continued!".