Posted 15 ноября 2021,, 15:58

Published 15 ноября 2021,, 15:58

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"People are not goods!" Russians are indignant on Instagram of the State Duma, demanding the abolition of QR-codes

"People are not goods!" Russians are indignant on Instagram of the State Duma, demanding the abolition of QR-codes

15 ноября 2021, 15:58
The encyclopedia of Russian life in our time, as you know, is in the comments on social networks. Under the post of the State Duma on Instagram about the bill on QR codes in public places and some types of transport, which is being considered today, the country is seething and bubbling.

People call what is happening a violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, fascism, medical apartheid, segregation, lawlessness, disgrace and betrayal.

“The government has submitted to the State Duma initiatives on the use of QR-codes in public places and in intercity and international transportation.

The first bill stipulates that to visit public events, cultural institutions, catering facilities and retail trade, you will need to present: - or a QR-code on vaccination; - or a document stating that a person has had a coronavirus; or a medical withdrawal from vaccination.

According to the initiative, the decision on the use of QR codes and on what facilities they will be required at will be made by the regional authorities. The measure will not affect pharmacies, grocery stores and essential goods. At the same time, until February 1, a negative PCR-test can be presented to visit these facilities. After February 1, only citizens with a medical outlet will have such an opportunity.

It is assumed that the rules will be valid until June 1, 2022.

The second bill is on the use of QR codes in railway and air transport. For intercity and international transportation, you will also need to present one of these three documents. Until the date to be set separately by the Government, it will be enough to present a negative result of the PCR test, ”reads the official profile of the State Duma on Instagram.

Russians leave angry comments en masse under this post. At the time of publication of the article, there are already more than 91 thousand of them. Some users note that their comments are being deleted, but the State Duma replied: " Hello! We do not delete comments, except offensive ones. But, perhaps, due to the large number, they are now poorly loaded".

We give examples of appeals to the deputies of the State Duma. There are tens, hundreds and thousands of likes under each of the comments (spelling and punctuation are preserved).

- Against! Against! Against segregation! Against the new fascism! Against codes! Against surveillance!

- Only 1000 officials decide for 140 million! Are you sure you are in the right place?

- Do you even understand what you are doing? Have you forgotten the history? Remove this bill from consideration altogether, I am against discrimination! The body is my property, not yours. Do not dare to limit my constitutional rights to movement, freedom of choice, a dignified life, honor and freedom in general! This is not a concern for health, with this project you finally emphasize that you sold your country and you will punish those who made the "wrong" choice! And nothing that the essential goods do not include clothing, except for underpants? Doesn't it bother you? Why am I, a person with a higher chemical education, a responsible citizen of this country, suddenly becoming second class?

- Why doesn't the Duma introduce a bill on the adoption of measures to strengthen natural immunity? For example, the introduction of prohibition or a ban on the sale of tobacco products (do you know that this reduces immunity?) Or, for example, a bill to close all fast food restaurants (fast food), because such food does not bring health benefits to people, but rather the opposite ...

- Against! Not for that, my grandfather fought on the Kursk Bulge, and my mother's uncle at the age of 19 burned down in a tank, defending Moscow !!! Against! Against! Against!

- I have a code. I was ill. But I'm not going anywhere on it !!!! This is discrimination !!!!!! Fascism!!!

- Why should I tell people what I'm sick of !? Why should I show my passport? Why should I sit without work ???? Why can't I go to fitness? Who will pay the loans for me?

- Hello. Why: - there is no dialogue with the people? -Why is there an attempt at the state level to divide people into right and wrong? - when healthy people and natural immunity, as well as critical thinking of citizens, have ceased to be illegal (maybe I am wrong in my judgments, but publications in the media (they scare me very much), as well as statements by stars and some officials. - How do current events differ from past events (segregation, medical experiments, fascism, etc.)? - who can I turn to for clarification?

- We will not accept medical apartheid! Neither by body mass index, nor by the status of injections, nor by whether the person had tuberculosis / coronavirus / herpes. You made the wrong address, we are Russians with soul and faith in God, and we will win.

- We are against! Do not even think, history knows how the games with the people end, and more than once. We advise you to better study our history. We are the descendants of our victorious ancestors, not a commodity!

- Please direct these funds to improve medicine, our hospitals are hell!

- I demand that the government send the initiative to the State Duma to divide people and restrict their rights and freedoms to RESIDENCE !!! My family and I are against these QR code initiatives! (and in general what kind of foreign system?!? I will write to the prosecutor's office!) We are against forced vaccination and demand to stop the arbitrariness and lawlessness! We do not give our consent!