Posted 15 ноября 2021,, 09:04

Published 15 ноября 2021,, 09:04

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

"They didn’t play, but took pains over themselves!" Experts comment on the defeat of the Russian national team

15 ноября 2021, 09:04
According to most sports experts, the main drawback of our team - the inability to impose its game even on an equal opponent - remained even with the new coach.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the Russian national team lost the decisive match in the qualifying tournament of the World Championship to the Croatian national team on its field 0: 1. The only goal into his own net on 81 minutes was scored by the defender of the Russians Fyodor Kudryashov. This happened in the 81st minute. The Croats took first place in the group and advanced to the World Cup, while the Russians finished second and will play in the play-offs.

The figures indicate the complete superiority of the Croats in this game: 19-2 on shots on target and 5-0 on shots on target. In terms of ball possession, the Croats were also ahead of 68% -32%. Yes, the whole game was raining heavily and the pitch was terrible, but the Croats also played on the same one.

The head coach of the Russian national team Valery Karpin took the blame for the team's defeat: “It is completely my fault. Our footballers at the level of the Croatian national team can look much better than today. How to deal with the fact that our players are afraid to play with the ball? Work in all directions".

Football observer Igor Rabiner called the result of the match fair, complaining that the Russian national team did not attack at all: was touching the ball - this result cannot be called unfair. It is impossible to get to the World Cup without attacking at all. It is impossible to get to the World Cup, acting only on the retreat for 90 minutes.

The Russians plowed, fought, and died. There are no questions about their fighting qualities. They could make it to 0: 0 - and by their self-sacrifice they deserved it. But football is not only self-sacrifice. Football is also a game. We didn't play. Generally. Own goal was the natural result of the fatigue accumulated through this lack of play. Kudryashov no longer controlled his legs.

And why proclaim a bet on brave football, if we, in principle, are not capable of it? Or did Karpin not understand with whom he would have to deal?"

Journalist Igor Shulika is sure that the reason for the defeat lies in the psychology of Russian players: “After all, it’s in psychology… It cannot be said that the Croats are much stronger. But psychology. No history of victories, no experience of decisive matches. And where do they come from if we don't make it to the playoffs in European competition? And if we are to say, by and large ...

In Russia, almost all RPL teams away, even with an equal opponent, play at 0: 0. With buses and all the things. With similarities to a bus, or rather, you also need to know how to put it. The philosophy of Russian football is the main thing not to miss. Why did we have to play differently with the Croats? And why should a Russian coach, not Guus Hiddink, but Valery Karpin, practice some other kind of football? His “Rostov” played the same way. Hiddink risked playing to win, and that didn't work out very often. But waiting for a game to win away from a Russian coach, even with an equal opponent, even with an equal, is like waiting for snow in the summer..."

But the famous Russian player and coach Yuri Semin liked our team: “The impressions from the game are very positive. We have a team that is able to reach the World Cup through play-offs. The players are disciplined, young, and perform well the coach's tasks. While individually Croatia is undoubtedly stronger than us, only chance helped them. We must weigh everything positively and support the team in preparation for two games. The players gave themselves completely"

People's Artist of Russia Valery Barinov, on the contrary, did not see the game at the national team: “We are not tolerated. Destiny is a villain. There was no football in this game. There were puddles, rain. Some wanted to score, others did not want to miss. I was afraid that we would snuggle and be unable to do anything. Fate took revenge on us for all the previous matches. I cannot say that the Croats have shown an outstanding game. Our guys are great, they tried. But this is not football. They have no other field, or what? In principle, everything is as it should be. There was no game, and no. Only the mood and spirit of the team. But this is already a lot. Maybe football will appear. "

But the honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatyana Tarasova was categorical and, in fact, right: “What opinion can there be? What kind of football? What are you talking about ?! We do not have it! We have children's sports, youth sports, but not football..."

The Russian national team will now play play-offs. For a trip to Qatar, you still have to go through two rivals in March next year. There will be 12 teams, and only three will qualify for the World Championship. The opponents will be all difficult, maybe not super-team, but strong: Switzerland, Turkey, Serbia, Sweden...

You can pass them, but for this you need to be bolder and not play on the gray 0: 0, football does not forgive this. Of course, there was crazy pressure today. But at the joints it will be even stronger. And Karpin needs to be able to work under such pressure.