Posted 16 ноября 2021, 08:59

Published 16 ноября 2021, 08:59

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Ilnaz Galyaviyev, who organized the shooting at the Kazan school, was declared sane

16 ноября 2021, 08:59
19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviyev, who shot nine people in the Kazan gymnasium No. 175 in May, was declared sane by the results of an examination carried out in the psychiatric hospital No. 6 of St. Petersburg.

According to experts, despite the fact that Galyaviyev shouted "about God", he was fully aware of his actions in preparing the attack.

It's worth reminding that in July it was reported that Galyaviev was declared insane. However, this information was denied by the Investigative Committee.

Initially, he passed the examination in Moscow, but was later transferred to St. Petersburg. While in the psychiatric ward of the Moscow detention center "Butyrka", Gayaviyev stated that the motive for the crime he committed was hatred.

On May 11, 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev fired at school No. 175 in Kazan, seven students and two teachers were killed, another 21 people were injured, two of them are in critical condition. The worst victims were transported for treatment from Kazan hospitals to Moscow. During the arrest, Galyaviev called himself "God". Last year he was diagnosed with brain atrophy.