Posted 16 ноября 2021,, 14:11

Published 16 ноября 2021,, 14:11

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Question of the day: will the state succeed in defeating the anti-vaxxers' movement?

Question of the day: will the state succeed in defeating the anti-vaxxers' movement?

16 ноября 2021, 14:11
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It is no secret that the main forces of anti-vaxxers constitute the so-called "Putin majority", and therefore the fight against them is extremely dangerous for the authorities.

According to the latest data, since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia (April 2020), excess (additional) mortality was 800 thousand people as of November 1, 2021! For a country in which the population decline was very high even without any pandemics, this figure is simply catastrophic. However, she does not say anything to opponents of vaccination. Both the media and social networks are vying about this.

Authorized anti-takings are becoming an increasing problem for the federal response to the pandemic as social tensions rise around the introduction of the ubiquitous QR-mode.

Sociologists note that the ranks of the covid protest have gone beyond the marginalized groups of the population alone; at the moment, among the ardent carriers of anti-vaxxers' ideas and QR-rejection, you can easily find the heads of the federal media, government officials, as well as certified doctors of scientists with their own audience.

The popular Telegram channel Nezygar cites analysts' estimates, according to which, over the past year, the share of adherents of anti-scientific ideas has not shown a decrease, and the number of opponents of state sanitary measures, on the contrary, has increased - from 41-48% to 51-55%.

Experts note that, unlike the covid protests of past waves of the pandemic, the current mobilization under the QR code law was not spontaneous and was actively fueled in the media and social networks of a conservative orientation. According to polls and media monitoring, analysts call media resources from the networks of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the leader of the NOD (National liberation movement) and deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, Kurginyan, the Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev and the friendly to the latter Interregional public organization For Family Rights Pavel Parfentiyev, the main instigators of social tension.

“While the forces of official propaganda are looking for a foreign trail in the all-Russian covid protests, the reality goes further and further - “National Priorities" will now do everything to blur the results of their professional incompetence.

The total costs of sanitary propaganda have already exceeded billions, and its results are exactly the opposite of what was required: work with the population and affected elites has actually failed, and by the efforts of media curators a stable, decentralized and organized social group has been formed, leveling all the costs of the system for agitating the population to save their life and life of others.

Whether the anti-vaxxers' instigators had any selfish intentions or whether everything happened as a result of a wave of mutual idiocy now does not matter either for the recognition of the problem at the highest level, or for the Russians themselves involved. In the continuation of such a policy, both sides will only strengthen their positions even more, and the anti-scientific abyss will open the second bottom”, - the expert notes.

After a week of all-Russian covid protests, it was decided not to rush with the adoption of the legislative framework for QR codes and to shift the discussion to the regions. Which is no coincidence.

“Citizens ask the President and the Government to remove the excesses of the regional leadership. The center is asked to intervene and show people the vertical that they demand, but to do so directly now would mean nullifying all plans to contain the epidemic and stimulate vaccinations without harming the economy. In this situation, it was decided to organize a discussion in the regions and create a new reality on their behalf. This is likely to jeopardize the plans to unify the vertical of public power - whether the protest is apolitical or not, any outcome will have political consequences. Of course, the reds and whites did not just suddenly forget about ideological differences. Now it is obvious that the fifth column, ready to play the protest card in the midst of the crisis, is much closer than it was announced in the advertisement", - the expert sums up.

Analysts of another popular channel, Image of the Future, pay special attention to the composition of the anti-vaxxers' movement:

The “anti-scientific anti-vaxxers” forces, which, according to the Nezygar expert, sow social discord and oppose the state’s fight against the epidemic, are not limited to the listed figures and structures (among which, as always, there are provocateurs - in the person of the National liberation movement).

The overwhelming majority of the population that does not accept QR-discrimination is not only dark tribes from deep peoples. Among them:

Alexander Rosenbaum, Konstantin Kinchev, Dina Korzun, Olga Budina, Ksenia Alferova, Beroev, Dmitry Pevtsov, Delyagin, Sergei Mironov, the entire Communist Party of the Russian Federation, heads of power structures - no one was vaccinated, several professors and academicians from virology (without names, otherwise it will be with them as with Redko), Shakhnazarov, Zorkin (Constitutional Court), Regnum, Larisa Dolina, Artyom Sheinin.

Not to mention organized Orthodox communities such as Forty Forties and parent organizations.

How to fight them? After all, this is all - that same Putin majority. Breaking it down - and you will have to restore broad popular support around the government at the expense of the community of cyclists and couriers.

This is the problem, not just how the billions allocated to promote all the good against all the bad are squandered.

All of this has much more serious root causes. Healthy people cannot be presented as a threat and sick..."

But political scientist Andrei Gusiy has a more optimistic view of the problem:

“Gradual expected tightening of the nuts.

"Mishustin instructed to update the vaccination model in Russia, now the task is to achieve a level of herd immunity of at least 80-90%," - the Kremlin.

The chain is clear:

  1. Statement of 60%. Made some noise, waited, endured
  2. Mandatory vaccination with the threat of dismissal. Made some noise, waited, endured
  3. QR codes and restrictions, including for tourists for tourists. Made some noise, waited, endured

As expected, we will come to the mandatory vaccination for all by the end of the year ... "