Posted 16 ноября 2021,, 13:31

Published 16 ноября 2021,, 13:31

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They work being half-starving! Yelena Drapeko complains about the meager assortment of the Duma buffet

They work being half-starving! Yelena Drapeko complains about the meager assortment of the Duma buffet

16 ноября 2021, 13:31
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The State Duma deputy claims that he brings breakfast and lunch with him from home so as not to harm his health.

State Duma deputy from "Fair Russia", former actress Yelena Drapeka complained about the meager food, which provides the people's representatives with a buffet on Okhotny Ryad. According to 73-year-old Drapeko, who has been in the Duma for 22 years, she even has to bring food from home in trays so as not to undermine her health:

“I have to bring trays of food from home, it's all awful, you still can't eat in the buffet, and it doesn't work around the clock. What I cook in the evening the night before, in the morning it's all in dishes and in jars I bring with me. And I eat in my office - before the meeting or after the meeting. Therefore, what you bring with you is what you eat. And we have been living like this for more than six months”, - the telegram channel reports.

But most of all she felt sorry for her male colleagues who came from the provinces, leaving their wives at home. However, this is not the first time that the deputies have raised the issue of nutrition. Several years ago, Sergei Ivanov from the Liberal Democratic Party was outraged by the fact that in the Duma canteen a plate of porridge had risen in price from 20 to 53 rubles, that is, two and a half times at once.

The communist Nikolay Kharitonov also experienced problems with nutrition, saying: "We have not had normal food for two years!"

True, just a week ago, the deputy Sardana Avksentieva published on her instagram a video from the Duma canteen, which completely contradicts the words of Drapeko and Co. Judging by the personnel, the prices in the current Duma are as follows:

Two sausages - 72 rubles

Pancakes with meat - 105 rubles

Cottage cheese casserole - 121 rubles

Cheesecake - 88 rubles

Selected salted salmon - 295 rubles

"Pike perch in Polish" 410 rubles.

Not to say that it is fabulously cheap, but a State Duma deputy is quite capable and affordable, given the ministerial salaries of half a million rubles and more.