Posted 17 ноября 2021, 06:43

Published 17 ноября 2021, 06:43

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A local resident who had held a Russian in slavery for 20 years was detained in Kazakhstan

17 ноября 2021, 06:43
The police of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan began an investigation into the illegal imprisonment of a citizen of the Russian Federation for twenty years. The suspect was detained.

The press service of the regional police department, RIA Novosti, ndicated that while monitoring social networks, employees found a video recording in which a person says that he is being illegally kept for the winter. in the Karagada region.

"During the operational-search activities, the police in the Shet district identified a 44-year-old man - a citizen of the Russian Federation. He explained that for twenty years he had been subjected to illegal exploitation and forced labor by a 44-year-old local resident. Currently, the suspect has been detained, investigative actions are being carried out with him", - the department said.

The hero of the video (pictured) introduces himself as Aleksey Aleksandrovich Kotov, a native of the village of Gore-Gryaz, Gavrilo-Yamskiy District, Yaroslavl Region. He claims to have been in captivity for 20 years. He turns to his parents and asks them to help him "get out of Kazakhstan".

We will remind that last month it became known that a resident of Volgograd in 2016 abducted people and sold them into slavery.

Also in October, residents of the capital, Pyotr Pelekhanov and Olga Lifatova, told how they, who went on vacation to Crimea by hitchhiking, were sold into slavery in Dagestan.