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"Novye Izvestia" Analytics: why Japan is no longer dying due to coronavirus

17 ноября 2021, 07:11
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For the entire last month and every single day, Russians have been notified of new pandemic "records". Vaccination rates have quadrupled, but then the incidence of covid and mortality from it conquered new heights.

Unlike other countries, such as Japan, our methods of preventing and treating coronavirus have been ineffective.

Igor Ognev, science journalist with many years of experience


And in the Land of the Rising Sun by November 7, for the first time in 15 months, no one died from coronavirus! During this day, only 126 new cases of infection were detected throughout the country, including 21 in Tokyo. (By the way, the population in the country is almost 126 million, only 20 million less than in Russia.) There were 100 infected people in critical condition in intensive care units. This is because the government listened to the doctors, and, having refused mass vaccination, the Minister of Health of Japan announced that it is possible to treat those who have taken covid with the drug Ivermectin.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, at a meeting with President Putin on November 10, said that Russia would achieve herd immunity from covid if not 70, as previously planned, are vaccinated, but 80% of the population. So, as of October 31, the share of partially and fully vaccinated Japanese was 78.0%, and fully - 72.5%.

The famous economist, professor Valentin Katasonov, chairman of the Russian Economic Society named after V.I. S.F. Sharapov. He compared Japan to Italy (countries have approximately the same vaccination rate) in the last week of October.

In Italy, people fell ill with covid 17.3 times, and died 3.8 times more than in Japan. Since the number of Japanese people is twice as large as that of Italians, then, per 1 million inhabitants, cases in Italy in the same week turned out to be 36.8 times (!), And the number of deaths was 8 times more than in Japan.

(Vaccination against coronavirus in Italy has actually stopped, Il Fatto Quotidiano transmitted on November 12. Over the previous week, less than half a million people received the first vaccinations, which is significantly lower in September-October 2021 and earlier).

The same picture emerges in comparison of Japan with the countries of the world thirty, in which the number of fully and partially vaccinated as of October 31, exceeded 70% of the population.

A fresh (October 29) publication in Natural News (quoted by Katasonov) analyzes the situation from the beginning. The title of the article is already sensational: "Japan ends vaccine-induced pandemic by legalizing IVERMECTIN, while pharma-controlled media pretends masks and vaccines were the savior", that masks and vaccines were salvation).

I'll make a reservation. Wikipedia describes Natural News as "a far-right site with vaccination conspiracy theories and fake news". But in this case, you can't argue against the facts. In September, Japan began treating patients with ivermectin, and morbidity and mortality from covid plummeted. The number of carriers of the virus decreased by leaps and bounds.

The Japanese authorities gave the green light to the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine in early 2021, but mass vaccinations began two months later than in the US and Europe, trying to minimize costs, taking into account the experience of other countries. However, even after the start of mass vaccination, the incidence and mortality from covid continued to grow, reaching a peak by May 12: more than 7,000 new cases of infection were registered per day, and on May 25, more than a hundred people died in just one day. On August 20, 2020, when there were no vaccinations, 832 people became infected, and a year later, when almost 70% were vaccinated, there were already 22 301. The number of registered deaths on that day turned out to be five (!) Times more by August 2020. This was the last drop.

At the end of August, Japanese doctors conducted a debriefing. The vaccine was found to be contaminating with "particles of magnetized metals, stainless steel" and some "floating white particles". In early September, it was decided to massively treat people with ivermectin .

This antiparasitic drug has been created for a long time. It is used in many countries as a veterinary agent. It is sometimes used to treat people with conditions such as head lice, scabies, river blindness (onchocerciasis), strongyloidosis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis. Purely empirically, doctors in a number of countries have found that the drug is very effective in treating people infected with covid and even as a means of preventing this infection.

Renowned Japanese doctor Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association Greenlight, loudly announced on August 13 that ivermectin is a reliable alternative to vaccines. The doctor referred to the positive experience of India, where hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin infected with covid were actively treated.

India has a developed pharmaceutical industry, the country produces both drugs, and the authorities do not prevent their use in the fight against COVID-19. Dr. Ozaki drew attention to the fact that ivermectin is used in parts of Bangladesh, in Argentina, in Mexico. Partial clinical trials of the drug in the treatment of covid were carried out in the UK, but for some reason they were not brought to the final. In the United States, last year, the FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) Medical Alliance was created to find effective methods of combating covid, which has collected a large and encouraging array of information on these countries. She pushed Dr. Ozaki to make his statement. And the government of the country, which not in words, but in deeds cares about the welfare of the population, has listened to the opinion of independent experts. And now - a sensation!


RIA Novosti reported on November 12: on this day, the drug from COVID-19 "Areplivir" (international non-proprietary name "Favipiravir") was registered and introduced into civil circulation for up to 5 years. It was developed and produced at the Saransk plant "Biochemist" (part of the "Promomed" group) in 2020. In February 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that since September the plant has increased the production of the drug tenfold, to 1 million packs per month. and plans to increase the output to 2 mln.

Again, on November 12, Promomed Group of Companies announced the registration of Areplivir, the first Russian direct-acting intravenous injectable drug for the treatment of coronavirus. The same medicine in the form of tablets appeared in Moscow pharmacies last fall.

Areplivir is included in the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the treatment of coronavirus infection and is included in the list of vital and essential medicines. In addition, its outpatient use is permitted. The recommended price is 5060 rubles.

“Russia is the first in the world to register two drugs of direct antiviral action with proven efficacy” - Dmitry Kiselev was delighted with the live broadcast of Vesti in July 2020. - And it is against COVID-19 that these are the most powerful Afivavir from ChemRar and Areplivir from Promomed to date. They prevent the multiplication of the virus in the body, and the effectiveness of these tablets according to the results of clinical studies is 90%. So far, no other drug in the world has the best results against COVID-19".

Regarding the effectiveness: on April 23, 2020, the Kromis company registered with the Ministry of Health the beginning of a clinical study of Avifavir with 60 volunteers. Officially, it lasted until December 31, 2020, and the number of participants was expanded to 300. In fact, no one expected the results: at the end of May, the drug began to be treated. Needless to say, both the time of research and the scale are all filkin’s literacy? In addition, the message of ChemRar CEO Ivashchenko that the company had managed to modify the drug raised additional questions from specialists.

“If a drug is modified and reproduced not favipiravir, then this drug must go through a full cycle of clinical trials”, - says Professor Vasily Vlasov, Leading Researcher at the Center for Health Policy at the Higher School of Economics, President of the Society of Evidence-Based Medicine Specialists, Member of the Expert Committee on Medical Research of the European WHO office.

In fact, the effectiveness of favipiravir is highly questionable. The drug was developed in the USA, conducted clinical trials, an antiviral effect was found, but neither in the USA nor in the UK the drug was registered for use as an antiviral and anti-influenza agent.

In 2014, Japan, as well as some countries, allowed the use of favipiravir, but only in the event of an influenza epidemic. And - they soon discovered convincingly proven unpleasant side effects. Due to toxicity, the drug is prohibited from taking children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with severe liver and kidney failure. Due to the high likelihood of a negative effect on the fetus (in preclinical studies of favipiravir, similar to clinical trials or less, embryo death at an early stage and transgenicity were observed) those taking the drug are recommended to pay special attention to contraception for several months. The Japanese also discovered that the drug leads to motor disorders: restless legs syndrome and an increased risk of falls. This may be due to the effects of the drug on the central nervous system.

Drugs with such high toxicity, experts point out, are usually used only in cases where their effectiveness is high and the patient is in serious condition. And even then - only in hospitals and under the strict supervision of doctors. In the case of Russian generics of favipiravir, all these requirements have been violated.

And the Japanese abandoned favipiravir, as we see today, in favor of ivermectin.

There are several juicy moments in this story. Of course, the lion's share of our half-impoverished population is packed with the miracle of areplivir (afivavir?) Tablets, 5 thousand rubles each. it is too expensive. Well, if it is included in the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, it means that it has already been included in the state protocols for treatment in covid hospitals. By the way, according to Guzela Ulumbekova, Rector of the Higher School of Organization and Management of Healthcare of the Higher School of Economics, Doctor of Medical Sciences, treatment of one covid patient in a hospital costs an average of 135 thousand rubles: “But after discharge, rehabilitation is required, which also requires funds. According to the most conservative estimates, state funding for medicine should increase by one and a half times in the next three years. It's just to survive and not lose the population”, - Ulumbekova said.

However, in the draft federal budget for 2022-24, the largest cost cut - by 12% - falls on medicine. For comparison, the state will spend 13% more on national security. Defense spending is also increasing. Well, of course! Enemies outside are encircling Russia from all sides, and from the inside they are corrupting society with foreign agents who, even in the Arctic, disguise themselves as polar bears and penguins ...

Maybe the authorities are asleep and see that one areplivir will replace 11 drugs, plus three injections and two droppers a day, than I was treated for two weeks for covid this summer? Unlikely…

Here is how Vasily Vlasov, a professor at the Higher School of Economics, commented on the situation with the treatment of covid in mid-2021:

“If favipiravir, ours, Russian, is the same that was developed in the USA and used in Japan, then we can register it as a generic favipiravir. This means that only clinical tests for bioequivalence need to be carried out: to show that after taking Russian favipiravir in the blood the same concentration of the active substance as after taking Japanese. After that, the drug can be registered, but for the same indication - the flu. But if you use a generic drug for COVID-19, a third phase clinical trial is required - on thousands of patients".

What happened in Russia? “A company promoting favipiravir to the market to combat COVID-19 received approval for a clinical trial (phase not clear) on May 19. And on May 29, 2020, the drug is registered by the Ministry of Health with a temporary permission to use it until January 1, 2021. That is, the test has not been carried out, but permission has already been given. Moreover, the company insists: their drug is not a generic, but some other molecule. This means that you need to start with experiments on animals, and only then move on to clinical trials. What is presented today does not indicate that favipiravir is effective. So far, it quickly frees the body from the virus and normalizes the temperature. However, in a small number of patients, this may be just an accident. The goal of treating such patients is to prevent severe respiratory failure and death - none of this has been shown”, - concludes Professor Vlasov.

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev spoke about one of the reasons for this oddity last April: due to the loss of control over the network of academic institutions due to the resonant reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2013, the Academy cannot directly engage in scientific research and fight against coronavirus infection.


"Novye Izvestia" already wrote about the August investigation of the New York Times, which, in particular, said: the Moderna company, three months after the start of the use of its vaccine, received about 300 thousand messages that Moderna was deadly. But the company hid these messages in its reports. "2021 Q2 Update" has been flagged Confidential - Internal Distribution Only. However, the governments of several northern European countries have recently suspended the use of this vaccine for certain populations.

Russia also distinguished itself - the EpiVacCorona vaccine, developed by the Novosibirsk Center "Vector" named after. M.P. Chumakov. What is wrong with the vaccine - Olga Matveyeva, a molecular biologist and founder of the Sendai Viralytics biotechnology company (USA, Massachusetts), told a number of Russian and world media outlets. Matveyeva has recently worked in Russia, for some time collaborated with "Vector" and published several articles with the scientists of the institute. That is why I took the story with the Novosibirsk vaccine very personally.

According to Matveyeva, EpiVacCorona is organized according to a different principle than, for example, Sputnik. It contains peptides (protein fragments), which is why it is called peptide. And peptides are trying to induce not antibodies, but protection, T-cell immunity. There are no such working vaccines in the world. The peptide vaccine is now being developed by a very strong University of Tübingen in Germany. The idea, as well as the Vector platform, on the basis of which the vaccine was created, was highly appreciated by Matveyeva:

“There are many advantages in the platform itself... it is easy to select peptides for a vaccine that practically do not change, and, accordingly, the vaccine will be more or less universal against many viruses. It will be relatively easy to do, it is cheap at cost... But execution... Peptides must see the human immune system, but those involved in EpiVacCoron do not see it". (A platform is a genetic construct into which genes from any type of coronavirus can be inserted and thus create a vaccine)

Nevertheless, EpiVacCorona was put into civilian circulation, when the second (!) Phase of testing had not yet ended (with Sputnik, this happened already in the third phase of testing).

“And, of course, this made me very angry”, - says Matveyeva, - "I began to talk with colleagues. And I realized that many people also understand this very well. But people are so intimidated by Rospotrebnadzor! This has already been voiced many times: you say something against EpiVacCorona and you lose your job. Because "Vector" is in the structure of the department".

Volunteers of the third stage of vaccine trials were the first to sound the alarm. The group brought together biologists, microbiologists, mathematicians, statisticians, excellent organizers, businessmen. They knew they needed to test their antibodies and that about a quarter of the placebo group. But all of them did not have antibodies .

“Rather, they are not detected by normal tests”, - said Matveyeva. - To this "Vector" told them: "Oh! Great! We have a special test that will detect these antibodies." It turned out like in the fairy tale about the naked king: "We are such wonderful weavers, we have such a beautiful invisible fabric and such wonderful invisible threads." After all, the most important thing in testing is not just getting antibodies. Antibody to antibody is different. The most important thing is whether there are antibodies that neutralize the virus after vaccination. But such tests are difficult to do, they need very experienced virologists, you need to work really with a live virus, and not all laboratories have such permissions".

The volunteers contacted a talented virologist in Novosibirsk, who can actually test serum and neutralization. He has access to these laboratories and has tested a lot of sera. Moreover, the volunteers came up with a blind experiment: those who had been ill and vaccinated with "Sputnik" sent their sera encoded. When they decoded the answer, it turned out that those vaccinated with Sputnik have neutralizing antibodies, and those who have been ill also have them. And among those vaccinated with "EpiVacCorona" only one has, and he has already been ill.

The volunteers tried to somehow voice the results and realized that there was a conspiracy of silence around EpiVacCorona. Scientists do not want to talk, among the media only "Novye Izvestia" - no result. Volunteers began to write open letters to the Ministry of Health: "Let's test the vaccine independently!" One letter, the second... The Ministry of Health answered them: "Since the vaccine is registered, it means that nothing needs to be checked".

The intrigue is that among the developers of the vaccine is Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor. It smells strongly of a conflict of interest here. In addition, an article about "EpiWake" was published in the journal of the same department "Infection and Immunity". It said that more than a thousand people were vaccinated, 800 were interviewed. Of these, 37 fell ill, and two people died. The press put it this way: "We have proven the effectiveness of the vaccine." "90+ Percent Effective".

- This is just fantastic, this is a world of absurdity! - comments Matveyeva.

Of course, "Vector" refuted Matveyeva's arguments. However, it was publicly supported by several major Russian virologists. And Professor Pyotr Chumakov, head of cell proliferation at the Institute of Molecular Biology. Engelhardt, said: "EpiVacCorona" - there is likely to be nothing good at all. " Peter, like his brother Konstantin, are the sons of M.P. Chumakov, a genius Soviet and Russian virologist, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences (1960), founder and first director of the Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, after whom "Vector" is named.

Another vaccine "Vector", "CoviVac", some experts called the most mysterious. According to the head of the Center, Aydar Ishmukhametov, they received permission for the third stage of clinical trials of CoviVac only in mid-June this year, but they were already vaccinated with the vaccine. Moreover, the excitement in Moscow was unheard of, the queues lined up endless.

Meanwhile, Ishmukhametov himself in mid-July 2021 in an interview with Novaya Gazeta said: “We will be able to answer the question about the protection - or, if you like, the effectiveness of CoviVac - only after the end of the third phase. after the end of the epidemic".

- "CoviVac" discredits the name of the father. There is no vaccine, but everyone says it is Chumakov's”, - says Professor Pyotr Chumakov indignantly.

“The fact is”, - Pyotr Chumakov explained on October 2 in a large interview to the Internet edition “Business Online”, - “that the polio vaccine, which was created under the leadership of my father, is the best vaccine of all times and peoples. And since then this train has been going on. If they say "Chumakov's", it means quality. But this is not the case with CoviVac. You see, "CoviVac" is practically inactivated (killed - I.O.) live virus. Such vaccines with new viruses need to be tested for several years, because there are many subtleties and pitfalls that cannot be immediately seen. There they also faced such a problem that the antigen, which should be preserved in the vaccine, fell off from the viral particle.

The CoviVac vaccine, explained Pyotr Chumakov, is so few precisely because it is still in development. And here they think that if it is not enough, it means that it is very good, and it is reserved for the best people. In fact, the vaccine is simply not ready. And for political reasons, they announced that we have three registered vaccines. Nothing like this. There was only one vaccine, and now there is only one: this is Sputnik V. The rest is a matter of the future. CoviVac, when completed, may prove to be a good option for revaccination. When covid becomes a seasonal disease, CoviVac can be used to support the immune layer. But this is for the future.

For reference: 3.5 billion rubles were spent on the creation of EpiVacCorona. Probably, and "CoviVac" ate a little less.

What - today? Experts spoke about this at the end of October in St. Petersburg at the conference "Medical, organizational and political features of vaccine prevention against COVID-19 in Russia." There is nothing surprising in the fact that the central media either kept silent about what was said there, or got off with modest reports. I came across a detailed report here. Here are excerpts from just a few of the talks.

Dr. med. Pavel Vorobyov, Chairman of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Physicians:

- Our organization is one of the few that oversees post-vaccination complications, we have been doing this for many years. We see that there are outbreaks of infection among countries where the population is well vaccinated. It's the same with us. The graphs for Moscow and the Belgorod Region, for example, clearly show that new outbreaks of the disease directly correlate with the start of compulsory vaccination.

Official information on air defense, according to Vorobyov, is closed for today and is not available to us. Moreover, there is no complete information about the third phase of testing "Sputnik V". There is information that preliminary tests of this drug were carried out mainly on military personnel, which is illegal. At the very least, we collected our statistics, interviewed 30 thousand vaccinated and noted in the recommendations that it is necessary to create a service to collect information about air defense. It is quite obvious that there is a direct correlation with covid vaccination: the cases of thrombosis, myocarditis, pericarditis in vaccinated people are ten times higher than in those who received other vaccines. Moreover, there is evidence that the vaccinated tolerate covid more heavily than the unvaccinated.

Entrepreneur Dina Gibson spoke at the conference about the ironically documented complications of vaccination in the United States and Europe using the VAERS database and the yellow card system in the UK as an example (there is no similar system in Russia - the covid authorities have prohibited doctors from collecting objective information about deaths and complications after vaccinations and say they don't exist).

“The VAERS air defense registration system,” Gibson said, “was created at the suggestion of the US Congress, and it provides for criminal prosecution for false reports. The only serious complaint about the system is related to the fact that it does not show the full picture - from 1 to 10% of all possible post-vaccination complications fall into it. Often the doctors submitting the documentation are denied inclusion in the system. With the beginning of covid vaccination in the United States and the world, data on air defense in VAERS have at least doubled.

As of October 8, 2021, Gibson continued, the system had information about 16,766 deaths of more than 800,000 complications of varying severity, including: 24,805 permanent disabilities, more than 2,000 miscarriages in women, 9,470 myocarditis, etc. Independent analysts believe that in fact these figures are underestimated by an order of magnitude (for example, according to the famous Israeli doctor Zelenko, who cured Trump and many other Western celebrities, more than 100 thousand people have already died from vaccines in the United States alone). And yet, even these numbers are monstrous in themselves. They exceed the number of deaths and injuries from all 70 vaccines existing in the United States in 30 years, and at least 500 times (!!!) more dangerous than influenza vaccinations (before covid, they were considered the most dangerous).

According to the "yellow card" of Great Britain, which has existed since 1964, in this country by the beginning of October 2021, 1.2 million various complications were recorded after "anticovid" vaccines. Of these: 1,700 deaths, 19,000 cardiovascular complications, almost 44,000 complications of reproductive function".

Excerpts from Sofia Naumenko's speech:

- I have been working as a general practitioner for more than 15 years, and I have never seen such a number of patients after vaccinations (from covid) ... Today, patients with PVO come to me every day. They are divided into two types: urgent and delayed complications. These can be both the most serious conditions, and those that many do not immediately pay attention to. The huge polymorphism of symptoms is caused by the characteristics of the virus itself and the vaccine. Worst of all, vaccines seem to cause the same symptoms as the so-called. "Postcovid syndrome", which often manifests itself in people some time after the transfer of COVID-19. This suggests the following: either the vaccine is not effective, or it is causing the same symptoms - and then this is the basis for its immediate withdrawal. Even if people think they have tolerated the vaccine well, there is no guarantee that they will not face the same problems in two months...

By the way, the pathologists and I examined sections of the brain tissue of those who died after the virus / vaccination, and after staining with the reagent, we saw damage to the nervous tissue by the virus, which leads to distortions of smells, tastes, hearing, pressure fluctuations, psyche, etc. I do not know who made these vaccines and why, but it makes no sense from the point of view of fighting the virus, said Naumenko.

Half a month after this conference, news came from Holland: 85% of the population was vaccinated against covid in the country and a new surge of new infections, more than 16 thousand per day. For Holland, which has 17.5 million inhabitants, this is too much.