Posted 17 ноября 2021,, 15:20

Published 17 ноября 2021,, 15:20

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TV liked the destruction of satellites by missiles very much

TV liked the destruction of satellites by missiles very much

17 ноября 2021, 15:20
Propagandists believe that explosions in space do not in any way interfere with the peaceful development of near-earth space.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The situation in the world, thanks to the leaders of individual states, is becoming more and more threatening. There is almost a war with Poland. And there are explosions in space. Russia began to destroy satellites. So far, for training, your own. But in the future, and any strangers, of which there are more.

The war is mainly due to the fact that Polish border guards continue to defend their border, disregarding the humanistic norms of international law. (Don't ask me which ones.) But they should, - says TV, - remove the fences and let all illegal immigrants in, because earlier she, Poland (or "they" - if we talk about the alliance of Western countries) destroyed their states.

Moreover, let's not discount the factor of Merkel, who out of guilt for the Second World War, as well as for NATO's operations in the Middle East, promised to accept all "refugees" on her territory. As they say, she called herself a load - climb into the back!

However, the Polish border guards, who had no reason to feel guilty for the Second World War and, moreover, to show solidarity with Merkel's bad conscience, "opened fire from their water cannons".

They poured water, tinted red, that is, of unknown chemical composition, on the elderly, women, children and pregnant women who were trying to storm the Polish fence with stones, sticks and, according to the Polish side, flash-noise grenades.

And if Russia would calm down a little, especially after it sent its strategic bombers to fly over the border of the union state and thereby morally support illegal immigrants. She, in an appendage from some kind of rogue, also sent paratroopers to Belarus, of which two people immediately died.

Ostensibly for training, but everyone understands that to intimidate the Poles. Like, illegal immigrants do not like - paratroopers will go!

In general, Russia is a master of unmotivated fighting on several fronts at the same time, and therefore a crisis in space has been added to the chaos on the border. There, Russia blew up its satellite with a special rocket designed to destroy satellites.

Naturally, TV supported all this warmly. And the attack on the Polish border, and, moreover, the explosions in space, which, according to Western journalists, pose a threat to the whole world, and according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, are quite harmless to themselves. According to Television, the West's indignation is due solely to the fact that the West has many satellites, but does not have such good military missiles as Russia does.

“Now I can only say one thing”, - Lavrov said at a conference on this matter, - To declare that the Russian Federation creates risks for the peaceful use of outer space is at least hypocrisy. There are no facts".

Although the alarmed passengers of the ISS, according to Russian news agencies, still had to somehow hide. This means that there are still some facts that need interpretation.

And even then ask, where will the debris go as a result? They are there, in space, do not rust, fly almost forever and sooner or later will meet with astronauts. Moreover, it is not necessary that with the American ones. We somehow forgot that since the days of the Soyuz-Apollo project and the corresponding Bond series, which was called “You Only Live Twice”, - it was customary to consider space as a public place, where no hooligans, but national projects, especially those related to explosions, internationally agree.

Dissent on TV

For the sake of fairness, we note that not all TV guests support the “general line” so much. There are experts who are trying to sit on two chairs - the Russian one, where the fees are, and the national one, for which there are red lines that they cannot cross. This is obviously related to reputational costs and professional position.

This is the "American" Nikolay Zlobin, a friend of Vladimir Soloviev. Russian German Alexander Rahr. And the "Moscow Ukrainian" Gordey Belov.

In the Evening Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolai Zlobin repeated all the argumentation that I had given in the column before last about the Belarusian-Polish confrontation, adding to it the consideration that at present the wars from which the “refugees” should flee are not being fought anywhere.

The war as a whole has already ended ten years ago in Libya, 17 years ago in Iraq, turning, however, into a rather brutal civil strife. As for Syria, it cannot be said that Syria was "destroyed" exclusively by Western countries, and not by its own dictator with the help of Russia, which flew and bombed, and also drove its only aircraft carrier and cruiser with missiles that rammed terrorists from afar.

(By the way, the patriotic film "Sky" is being released on the screens of the country, inspired by the feat of the heroic pilot Oleg Peshkov during the Syrian operation. But he did not fly there with New Year's gifts!)

Zlobin easily dismisses the propagandists' argument according to which Merkel's promise will print the Polish border as if in accordance with the Schengen agreement. (The director of the international institute of the newest states Martynov in another program generally guessed that the Polish border does not exist, since the EU border... is common.) But the scandal "friend of Solovyov" never suits, realizing that here he will be quickly shut up.

The situation is similar with Alexander Rahr. Rahr loves Russia and supports it in almost everything - both in lobbying for Nord Stream 2 and in resisting anti-Russian sanctions. But even he gets annoyed when TV catches him on Merkel's promises.

(* Merkel, of course, made a big mistake to the West and Germany by not specifying the conditions under which Germany would be able to receive someone, and by the fact that she somewhat legalized Lukashenko with her phone calls. , probably because she's already fucked up for everything)

As for Rahr, he is still German, and he understands that Germany is not rubber. She will not be able to feed half of the world in any case. Rahr himself will suffer! It is possible to accept "refugees" only legally and by no means all.

I looked at the population density here. The density of Germany is 230 people per sq. km. Russia - 8.56, almost 30 times less. So maybe Russia, advocating humanism, anti-fascism and some international norms, loving children and pregnant women, should say: "Come all to me?"

But refugees are fleeing not "from", but to... To a better life. Where the world's best yoghurts are.