Posted 17 ноября 2021,, 08:25

Published 17 ноября 2021,, 08:25

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Vladimir Pozner called on the authorities to take decisive measures against anti-vaxxers

17 ноября 2021, 08:25
The well-known TV presenter said that Russia still lacks toughness on the issue of vaccination and advised to follow an example from the West.

The well-known Russian TV presenter Pozner said that the Russian state is being overly humane with anti-vaxxers. He urged the authorities to take advantage of the experience of civilized countries, which, unlike the example, are tough on this kind of marginalized people:

“I have just been on a trip to some Western countries, it is very tough there. You cannot enter any public place, including public transport, without a QR code. You simply cannot, you will not be allowed in. You may not be vaccinated, but you will not get anywhere - not to the stadium, not to the museum, not to the cinema, absolutely nowhere. Thus, people are told, either you accept it, do it and live like a normal person, or every 48 hours you do a PCR, with this you can also walk. Or you don’t, then you don’t go anywhere. I am a supporter of such a tough measure".

It's worth reminding that, for example, in Austria, on November 15, a national lockdown was introduced for the unvaccinated, they are prohibited from leaving the house without a good reason. And this despite the fact that the percentage of vaccinated there is much higher than the Russian one. True, Posner “forgot” that the leaders of the anti-vaxxers' movement in his country of actual residence are at the same time the leaders of Putin's electorate, so the Kremlin is somewhat out of hand to fight its supporters. Especially after the authorities did everything possible to convince their electorate that they suffer and die from covid "there", in Europe, America and anywhere, but not in holy Russia.

And so, indeed, Posner's words are fair, especially when you consider that Russia ranked fifth in the global covid anti-rating in terms of the number of detected infections (8.5 million people) and mortality (240 thousand). And day after day, with an increase of 40 thousand infections, we are only strengthening our positions.

Political scientist Nikita Krichevsky, commenting on Posner's words and the real situation, notes:

“Maybe this is because Russia is in 97th place in terms of vaccination (33%), when, for example, Sobchak's Italy is in 23rd place with 72% of the vaccinated population? The answer is not needed here, because in a month we dropped from the 86th line of this rating.

Anti-vaxxers' mentality is three times inexplicable when we have three of our vaccines - I don’t want to choose. And our vaccine developers can crush any foreign with their authority. Take, for example, the Novosibirsk Vector with EpiWakCorona, and before that with EpiWakEbola. It is also one of two centers in the world collaborating with the WHO on smallpox with a bank of strains and DNA of this virus. And attempts to publicly "dunk" the Vector only confirm its global significance.

In addition to the regalia of the developer, EpiVacCorona, which many officials and stars are vaccinated with, has a proven mildness, suitable both for people 60+ and for those who do not want to die a couple of days after vaccination. Peptide (no matter how difficult it may sound) provides point protection without loading the human immune system with unnecessary antibodies. Do you really need to wait for mandatory QR-codes and bans after these facts?"

It should also be noted that, of course, in Europe, in countries where tough measures are in force, there are those who are outraged that their civil and human rights are trampled on and infringed upon with masks and codes. But the authorities do not pay attention to them in many countries - and are simply doing their job to protect the population from the epidemic.