Posted 18 ноября 2021,, 09:05

Published 18 ноября 2021,, 09:05

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Mikhail Delyagin - about QR-codes: "If you folded your paws, do not be offended that you will be raped"

18 ноября 2021, 09:05
State Duma Deputy Mikhail Delyagin posted on his YouTube channel an appeal to the Russians, in which he explains why in no case should the momentum of protest activities against the introduction of QR-codes be slowed down.

“I want to talk about the situation of a coup d'état in which we are now. Well, situations of attempted coup d'état. Preparing a coup d'etat by introducing QR-codes.

So, on Friday evening it was announced that it is planned to introduce a digital ausweiss system. I must say, the resistance rose very quickly. And on Saturday and Sunday, I personally received several hundred applications from citizens.

But the most important thing is that this wave passed and ended there.

Dear colleagues, it's just the beginning!

I am very grateful to the advice of the State Duma, Mr. Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma, not because I am a deputy, but because I could not have done this - for having acted according to the law.

Agree: when in conditions of a coup d'etat you act according to the law, this is already something that resembles resistance.

… I expected that this week, on Thursday, everything will be adopted in four readings. There are situations in the State Duma, when all this is accepted and thrown on - it is true, not of this convocation and not with this speaker, but, nevertheless, I was expecting exactly this.

Instead, everything went according to the law. Since this concerns the regions, let the regions have their say.

If we are talking about the abolition of regional power, let the regional authorities say, yes, of course, we are for self-elimination, these problems are too complicated for us, let there be external management: formally a sanitary doctor, but in fact the World Health Organization or the Healthcare Organization.

The discussion will go on until December 14. I think that most of the legislative assemblies of the regional authorities, which are under the control of United Russia, will try to answer much earlier on December 14. Therefore, you must not turn down the heat. You don't have to relieve pressure.

I wrote the corresponding letters, I will still write requests, but you need to understand that the deputy's request is considered within 30 days, this is by law. So in this respect, you and I are in almost the same position, yes, my request is on a red form, it is considered first of all, but still up to 30 days.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself and your children, please do not forget that every day during this month you are in additional self-defense work.

You allowed your life to be destroyed by destroying education, destroying healthcare, destroying the pension system, raising the retirement age, optimizing healthcare, coronavirus - you shouldn't confuse it with the coronavirus, these are different things, however, mutually reinforcing.

Now the next step, but you have the ability to protect yourself. Because the regional authorities are not eager to do hara-kiri for themselves.

You have a list of the deputies of your regional legislative assembly. You have their social networks. Find them and write them protests on these social networks every day. Write to your governors, your regional governments, heads of health departments, write to local party organizations, first of all, of course, to United Russia. Write, first of all, to those deputies who do not immediately turn off comments.

Each of you must defend himself, because there is no one else to defend you.

Yes, I and my like-minded people will do something, write letters, speak, if we do not turn off the microphone. But your life and the life of your children are in your hands.

And you are quiet, you are quiet. Mr. Volodin allows you to protect yourself, gives you thirty days of winning time, but you don't use it. For example, for me your protest activity has practically come to naught: sorry, they don't defend themselves like that!

If they are trying to rape you, and you have folded your legs, do not be offended that you will be raped, and this will be just the beginning.

Today we are talking about a state putsch, I will repeat myself.

The point is to incite in society a fierce absolute hatred of the social group of power.

The people who come will be either liberals, or downright fascists, or liberal fascists in the Pinochet style, who will start with executions, as it should be for liberals. See how liberals yearn for fascism. Remember how you missed Pinochet.

Remember how today's liberals dream of beating people in the streets, shooting them in accordance with the laws of war.

What did Mr. Krasovsky say? Anyone who does not want to expose himself to medical experience - he is a deserter, he must be treated according to the laws of wartime. A deserter in wartime is a firing squad, they talk about it. They are not exaggerating, this is not an artistic image.

When the former science fiction writer Lukyanenko wrote on his Facebook that stormtroopers break down apartment doors at night and forcibly vaccinate people, this is not an artistic image, this is everyday life.

When you are told that you need to be hit on the head to immobilize, this is not an artistic image, it is a direct perception of reality.

They, as I understand it, want it. I have no reason not to trust the words of dozens of once respected authoritative people".

The entire address of Mikhail Delyagin can be viewed here.