Posted 19 ноября 2021,, 16:09

Published 19 ноября 2021,, 16:09

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Konstantin Kinchev: "80 percent of the citizens of our country do not want to feel themselves like goods!"

Konstantin Kinchev: "80 percent of the citizens of our country do not want to feel themselves like goods!"

19 ноября 2021, 16:09
"With what speed the world began to divide the world into watchmen and endured!" The leader of the Alisa group, rock musician Konstantin Kinchev, sharply criticized the bill on the introduction of QR-codes into our life, calling it the worship of Big Brother and the obvious rehabilitation of fascism.

“Peace to your home. I have lived on Earth long enough. I was born thirteen years after our victory on the fascist reptile.

Like all my generation, genetically, mentally, whatever you like, gratitude to all those who defeated Nazi Germany lives in me; to people who, with incredible fortitude, solidarity, at the cost of life, freed the whole world from oppression, enslavement and death.

Only fascism can be worse than fascism. Although at first the Reds, and then the liberal nontraditionalists, stubbornly glued this stigma to me.

I was interested in history and know a lot about the Nuremberg trials and how Nazism began.

Smoothly. Soft. Suffocating.

First, we do not allow this part of the population to sit on our benches. Then - go beyond the yard. Then - visit our drinking establishments. Then we mark with tags. Then we build a ghetto, send them to the camps. And then - you know what.

Doesn't it look like anything?

I see how all of the above begins to sprout on our land. Here and now.

Not so long ago, photographs of people behind barbed wire showing off their numbers during management visits horrified everyone.

Now many people dream of getting such a number and proudly walk into the mall, looking down on those who are not allowed.

Lord, with what speed the world began to divide into watchmen and endured! Moreover, both those and others see themselves as an elite.

People are beginning to be divided into varieties and categories. Depending on their health, immune status and their health decisions.

Honestly - some new kind of fascism, based on an animal fear of germs.

Have you at least once in your life asked your friends or acquaintances: what is written in your medical record, did you get vaccinated against measles? Have you ever asked? Well, remember!

Since that war, nothing has passed in time. And people, citizens of our country, began to try to declare in fact subhuman.

They have no QR-codes, no help, gloves, masks, striped pants...

Leading federal channels allow themselves attacks on these subhumans, for which any Russian nationalist would be "closed" under Article 282 swiftly and irrevocably. Well, if it had occurred to a Russian nationalist from the high and low stands to declare that it was time, it was time to shoot, not let them in, hit them on the head, clench their jaws on the throats of others, and, in general, suddenly give everyone injections and thermometers.

In this madness, the goal of these, so to speak, elites, is to completely lose their shores and swear allegiance to the holding under the acronym WHO?

We are already being driven through the ranks according to the order, which no one even hides. Everything is available. Well, give or take impromptu.

Where is the sovereignty of the country? I cannot call all this nothing other than treason.

From federal channels we are taught about life by people who either have property, or simply the citizenship of countries with which Russia is in a state of information war.

The Constitution, which was adopted so soon, or rather, very valuable amendments to it, as if does not exist.

The most important guaranteed human rights and freedoms are being violated. I will not list article numbers. Recently, at least half of the country has learned these numbers by heart.

The right to freedom of movement.

The right to work and rest.

The right to education.

The right to social security.

The right to assemble peacefully.

The right to personal integrity.

The right to health protection and medical care, and therefore to life itself.

People are being deprived of everything. And if they are allowed, there, in a museum or theater, then on condition: excuse me, get a number - and you are free! But not for long: so, for a year, or for six months. How it goes.

And those who decided not to turn into a digital, fearing the consequences, or for religious reasons, because of the transferred covid and so on, are considered wrong people, second-class people. In general, not really people. This is called segregation.

And this is precisely what its enemies are trying to impose on Russia.

One gets the impression that most of the representatives of state power are being harassed and stupidly running to carry out all these antihuman recommendations of Big Brother.

And today they want to consolidate this segregation at the legislative level by assigning a QR code to each citizen.

A QR-code is a trademark that they want to assign to a free person, making him a commodity and someone's property.

80% of the citizens of our country do not want to feel themselves like goods. But the state says differently: you must, and you will do it.

Hello, state! And are you a state? And where is the guarantor? Why is he silent? Where are the clips? Galleys? Where is the fearsome voice of the sovereign? Where are the pressed ears of the Pechenegs and Polovtsians together with their avatars?

The sovereign is silent. No answer. Maybe he doesn't hear us?

Are they jamming, perhaps, the calls to the head of state that are heard from all the cities of vast Russia?

Maybe it's time for us to become the collective Minin and Pozharsky, which the sovereign hinted about in his Sevastopol speech?

Maybe he's waiting for this? What do you think?"

You can watch the video message of Konstantin Kinchev here.