Posted 23 ноября 2021,, 11:02

Published 23 ноября 2021,, 11:02

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MP's mistake. Why Rashkin didn't need to admit his guilt

23 ноября 2021, 11:02
Вячеслав Чернов
By publicly confessing to the murder of an elk, the communist Valery Rashkin violated the unspoken law of the Russian nomenklatura - never to admit his guilt.

Vyacheslav Chernov

What, in fact, is Rashkin's mistake? If, being an influential person, you have decided to violate the law, do it openly, with a challenge, with an impudent squint. Filled up with a moose - run right away, put your foot on it, casually throw the gun on your shoulder and start posing. Photos immediately on the Internet and the caption: "The deer had no chance against me!"

And that's all - there will be no questions for you. Maximum - three days people will fight under the post and write: you yourself are a deer, and this is an elk! Colleagues in the Duma will congratulate on a successful trophy, and not a single security official will even have a second thought that something is wrong. Man, brutal, our man! - the system will react, and literally after three to five days no one will remember that something happened.

But these childish excuses with subsequent confessions - they ruined everything, the system does not forgive such weakness.

The servant of the system is invulnerable in two cases - or when you are the first to inform the country about your crime and face with a brick - and what is that? And then everyone starts repeating - well, yes, really, but what is it?

Or you need to excuse yourself to the point of melting, and the more absurd and impudent - the better - like, it was not me who killed the moose, but it was me, the elk, who killed Rashkin and now I pretend to be Rashkin and what are you going to do to me? he pointed a gun at me - I had to defend myself, well, yes, I look like Rashkin, but this is only thanks to my acting skills and many years of rehearsals for the sake of participating in the forest show: "Guess who?" - but I still haven't left the image, because I want to slowly and methodically punish Rashkin's wife for the fact that her husband wanted to deprive my father of moose calves.

In this case, the interrogators will fall into a stupor, they will lose heart and they will not initiate a case.

Members of the election commissions of my village understand these nuances much better: I literally flooded the law enforcement agencies with videos with numerous violations and crimes, I had to buy 8,000 flash drives for this case.

So what? But nothing! All the defendants explained to the authorities that they did not recognize themselves or anyone else in the video, they did not know the meaning of the words that they heard on the video - they didn’t understand where the action was taking place. And that's all. No one has any more questions for them - they continue to calmly go to work, enjoy the benefits that their positions provide them.

And the fact that the folk there looked and listened to something... Just think, what a garbage.

It is surprising, of course, that a public figure with such a rich background somehow slipped into such an absurd act as an admission of guilt. What got into him? Has he forgotten what the government of his country, his fellow deputies have brought the country to? Has at least one apologized for anything in 20 years? Did you admit any guilt? That's the same! And everything is covered in chocolate!

I don’t know, I don’t know... By his confession, Rashkin literally challenged the system, threatened its existence. This alien and hostile behavior should be classified as a threat to national security and severely punished, I believe.

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