Posted 23 ноября 2021,, 13:36

Published 23 ноября 2021,, 13:36

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"The Hellbound": New Korean Netflix TV Show Beats Squid Game (VIDEO)

"The Hellbound": New Korean Netflix TV Show Beats Squid Game (VIDEO)

23 ноября 2021, 13:36
Фото: Netflix
24 hours after the premiere, the new TV show The Hellbound (Jiok) topped the ratings in more than 80 countries. The previous record holder, The Squid Game, held the title of most watched TV series for 46 days.

The new South Korean horror film Hellbound premiered on Netflix on November 20. A day later, according to FlixPatrol analytics, the series became the most popular on the channel, according to The Guardian. An estimated 142 million households in 94 countries have viewed it.

The series tells about demonic hairy giants tracking down sinners, who were informed in advance about their death hour. Hairy brutally and very naturalistically kill their victims and send them to hell, because of which a wave of hysteria and religious fanaticism rises in society.

The pilot of the show premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film was directed by cartoonist, screenwriter and filmmaker Yeon Sang Ho, famous for the cartoon "The King of Pigs" and the feature film "Train to Busan".