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Published 24 ноября 2021, 20:18

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"A terrible dream turning into death..." Bastrykin's loud statements were discussed on the Web

24 ноября 2021, 20:18
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The name of Alexander Bastrykin has recently been on the front pages of Russian media and social networks; the country's chief investigator makes more than strange statements one after another.

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, has recently shown incredible public activity, speaking out on topics that lie, to put it mildly, outside of his competence. Now he discusses with the actress Svetlichnaya the education of young people, then suddenly calls for a return to the Soviet education system, stating with a blue eye that "she was the best in the world, EVERYONE has ALWAYS recognized this". Who recognized this, and when - remained, however, not deciphered.

But the upbringing and education did not end there, Bastrykin suddenly announced that “Morgenstern today sells drugs, in fact, on social networks. It involves a huge number of our youth in its sphere of communication ”. Actually, from the lips of such a high-ranking official, it sounds like a conviction. It is true that no one has conducted any investigation into this case so far, which once again proves that Russia does not even smell like a rule-of-law state. What is the reason for this activity of the head of the Investigative Committee?

Experts answer this question in different ways.

The publicist Oleg Kashin, for example, is ashamed of Bastrykin:

“What could seem like Bastrykin’s activation, his strengthening in the media field, as the news arrives, it looks more and more obvious as a loss of orientation in space and time, and it’s not for nothing that the opposition Mediazona *, which has not yet been seen in reprints of official government officials, publishes now transcripts of Bastrykin's law faculty lectures - the transcript of his last speech already balances on the brink of absurd parodies in the genre of the muttering of a half-mad old man who does not understand well where he is and what he is saying. The same Morgenstern, who has been accused by Bastrykin for no reason at all, in fact, of drug dealing, can easily sue Bastrykin - probably the apparatus weight of the Investigative Committee chairman will still be enough to repulse the attack in court, but one can imagine how embarrassing and untenable there would be arguments from Bastrykin's defense, what kind of show it would be (even state news agencies are embarrassed - they lie that Bastrykin “compared Morgenstern with drug dealers”).

The political intrigue with the intensified Bastrykin turns out to be, without exaggeration, the disintegration of the personality in real time - and this disintegration does not take place behind the locked doors of the hospital ward, but in full view of everyone, and the press service of the Investigative Committee calmly records it. This is both a pity, and a shame, and scary - no matter how ridiculous the actions and words of Bastrykin are, they turn out not to injections and enemas, but to real criminal cases, prison terms and even, as with the Perm Sarapultsev, suicides ... "

Political scientist Igor Skurlatov believes that such activity is a consequence of the precarious position of the official:

“Chaotic speeches of the country's chief investigator, either about the joint“ patriotic education of youth ”with Svetlichnaya, who is then urgently sent to a psychiatric hospital, and then to intensive care unit with severe cerebrovascular lesions, then with Morgenstern, whom the head of the IC accused of“ drug trafficking on social networks "- testify to the fragile personnel position of Bastrykin, who is forced to remind of himself and his" need "in public.

Although there are other, more subtle "moves". I do not mean the institution of criminal cases against the same Rospotrebnadzor on charges of terrorism. It was simply possible to come up with something more effective and understandable both for the Kremlin and the broad masses in order to set a positive agenda of our own ... "

Journalist Igor Shulika , on the other hand, is not at all sure that Bastrykin is being "dumped":

“The fact is that people of his generation have such thoughts, and they are key in the current elites, this is a common place. Still, it is inconvenient to express them publicly. Therefore, there must be one who will take over this function. Just talking with the public, let's say, about braces and the state ideology of conservatism. After all, what Bastrykin said does not in any way contradict what Putin said at the Valdai Forum. It's just krinzh, of course, but it absolutely meets the declared ideology.

But Putin himself last met with Bastrykin after the fire in Winter Cherry, and then not one-on-one, but the head of the TFR came with the then head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova. I did not find any other mentions. This does not interfere with Bastrykin's work ... "

The publicist Natalya Kamardina is frightened by Bastrykin's statements:

“Bastrykin is going to“ restore the prestige of professorship ”...

Is it after the rector of "Shainki" was dragged from the operating table to the prison?

He is going to go in the direction of "man is the highest value" after we saw the footage of torture, after the system has gained power over any of us. I read Mr. Bastrykin's fiery speech, and my hair is moving ... You know, reports at the CPSU congresses at least were written by educated people and put into words quite good thoughts.

And here ... It seems that this is a bad dream. A terrible dream turning into death ... "

But the network analyst Vladimir Stechkin discovered “concern for the country” in the investigator's activities:

“Judging by yesterday's proposal to revive the Soviet school, the head of the SK Bastrykin can be attributed to those who sometimes think about the future of the country.

But I have a feeling that this person does not understand that with the existing socio-economic system, this is simply impossible.

Soviet education, like Soviet health care, is an integral part of the entire Soviet socio-economic system as a whole, where the people were at the head of the interests of the state. And where was the public ownership of all means of production and natural resources of the country. And not the interests of an extremely narrow group of officials and oligarchs, as it is now.

That is, without the return to the people of all the property that we were deprived of after 1991, there can be no talk of any revival of Soviet education or medicine. Speaking in Marxist language, without changing the entire basis of relations to property, there can be no change in the superstructure or individual parts of the system.

Well, they will cancel this USE, all these bachelor's degrees and other Bolognese things invented for underdeveloped countries, and then what? It will be even worse because the goal-setting of the entire system, expressed by Putin's words about driving the state away from paternalism, will still not go anywhere, as long as the ideology of our country is determined by the very speculators, black-marketeers and hucksters from the 90s ... "

* Mass media recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation