Posted 26 ноября 2021,, 11:33

Published 26 ноября 2021,, 11:33

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Children are not logs! Why Governor Vorobyov "closed" all orphanages in the Moscow region

26 ноября 2021, 11:33
Social networks did not stay away from this seemingly joyful news, which was announced on Thursday, November 25 by the governor of the Moscow Region, Vorobyov.
Moscow region

“In 2013, there were 44 orphanages in the Moscow region. As you know, there are very caring educators and teachers. But it is better that there are no orphanages. And I am very pleased that today I can say that this year, in 2021, all our orphanages are closed, which became possible thanks to the fact that foster families invited children to their homes. And they also give them love, attention, care, "- said Vorobyov during the awards ceremony for the best mothers in the region.

The reality is this: in the Moscow region there really is not a single orphanage, because they were all renamed into "centers for the development of families and family arrangements", and nothing else in them - including the number of children - has changed. But why Vorobyov needed to pronounce this, to put it mildly, untruth, interested bloggers were trying to find out.

Push the kids out at any cost

Elena Alshanskaya , head of the Volunteers to Help Orphans Charitable Foundation , believes that Vorobiev was framed either by journalists or speechwriters:

“Well, apparently, either the journalists misunderstood him, or his speechwriter gave him the wrong information.

Orphanages in the Moscow region have not been called orphanages for a long time, and now they have been added to the former social rehabilitation centers (which were also renamed earlier).

That, in fact, is the whole trick with the closure of all orphanages.

You can find out how the orphanages near Moscow were closed by punching through their old names in the consultant:

"THE STATE STATE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION OF THE MOSCOW REGION FOR ORPHANTS AND CHILDREN LEFT WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPPORT," TRANSFORMATION "notifies that on October 14, 2021 the Government of the Moscow Region (Order No. in the form of joining the State Committee for Educational Institution of the Moscow Region "TRANSFORMATION" of the State Treasury Institution of Social Services of the Moscow Region Egoryevsky Social and Rehabilitation Center for Minors "Our House". ..

Children, our wards are all in place in the former Moscow region already, from the point of view of the name, orphanages. We called to clarify just in case, all of a sudden everyone was suddenly shoved somewhere in a day. This, alas, we know how. But no.

However, the order for bringing the words of the governor with reality is given. The children also told us about this, how they persuaded their relatives with pressure to urgently pick them up. But not all relatives, unfortunately, have such an opportunity or real intentions.

And here I would like to say that we have been talking about exactly this for many years - children should not live in orphanages.

Children should live in families, first of all, of their relatives, and if it does not work out, foster families.

Of course. In this sense, we set the same goals that the governor announced (slightly ahead of their implementation in reality).

But not in any way. Children are not logs that can be moved or "shoved" anywhere and in any way, just to report on their successes.

Deinstitutionalization is a goal to be pursued in such a way and at such a pace that it is IN THE SAME fact in the interests of children.

This means that they should not be pushed into their families at any cost, but a competent system of support for families should be built so that they have a sense of homeland and support, and then they will cope and take their own.

In foster care - when there is no way to return home, to foster parents, prepared, consciously making decisions, understanding the child's anamnesis and also receiving support.

Then there will be no need to endlessly rename something into something.

Well, orphanages will not disappear at all, there will always be situations when right now it is not possible to arrange a child with relatives or foster children. But these should be very small places, for 10-12 places maximum, geographically scattered, so that it is not necessary, as it is now, to carry a child from one region of the Moscow region to another.

Well, I hope so someday everything will be.


But for now we are not at this place at all ... "

The head of the ANO "Mentoring Center of Alexander Gezalov" Alexander Gezalov is also bewildered by the statement of Vorobyov:

“For ten years now, there is no such name as an orphanage in Russia. There are Centers for the Promotion of Family Education. But this is the same orphanage, only a side view. Therefore, I am not commenting on the closure of "orphanages" in the Moscow region. As well as "closing" them everywhere. The form changes, the content remains ... "

Our reality is propaganda instead of truth

Director of the children's hospice "House with a lighthouse" Lida Moniava is indignant:

“What is state propaganda? This is when you wake up in the morning, open the news, and all the media write: "In the Moscow region, all orphanages have closed." (...)

The overwhelming majority of state news agencies and mass media distribute this noodle on the ears. People are reading. The information field is slowly being cleared of all bad news and becomes positive. The orphanages are closed, the cows are milked for four, and the five-year plan has been completed in 3 years.

No orphanages in the Moscow region have closed. Uvarovka, Kolomna, Sergiev-Posad, Orekhovo-Zuevo and a dozen other boarding schools and orphanages in the Moscow region continue to operate. There are wildly thin, short-haired children in their beds who never go beyond the fences of boarding schools.

The most popular reform method nowadays is to rename. At the department of mercy in the boarding school, they changed the sign to the department of palliative care, and now we have a progressive region that provides palliative care.

The orphanages were renamed - and now a region in which there is not a single orphanage. Yesterday there was a children's boarding school, today a center for promoting family education, and a couple of years later it is already a center for social support and rehabilitation of disabled children. Bravo.

How do they solve the problem of orphanhood? Really easy. Just do not recognize children as orphans. Let them live in a boarding school for 18 years, but if the parents are alive, the child will be registered with the parents and will not end up in orphanages and orphan statistics.

I read today's news about the closure of all orphanages and realized that there really is almost no media in Russia, now we have not journalism, but propaganda ... "

Ksenia Mishonova, the children's ombudsman of the Moscow Region, explains how it all looks in fact:

“There were 44 orphanages in the Moscow region. Remaining 6. Orphanages were closed. Now they have been merged with the social rehabilitation centers for minors (SRTSN), where the parents' children were. More than 25 thousand 99% of children with a status in the Moscow region live in families. There are children with serious illnesses, and there are teenagers who do not want to go to a family. They will stay to grow up in the family center ... "