Posted 30 ноября 2021,, 20:08

Published 30 ноября 2021,, 20:08

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"We want it like in China!" Europe abandons the priority of individual rights

30 ноября 2021, 20:08
Марина Шаповалова
Fearing for their lives, Europeans are ready to sacrifice not only their rights, but also take them away from others.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

We have already decided everything for us.

What is important, people decided to whom no one had ever delegated any powers. Nobody chose them. But they turned out to be the world organization that has the right to declare a state of emergency to the whole world. Of course, abolishing all civil and human rights.

The WHO itself, like all modern international organizations, is a product of European culture-civilization. All of them arose as a result of European cultural and civilizational domination. And what we are now seeing is the abolition of the foundations that gave rise to the "European project" itself.

Because there are only two options for social priority: collectivist and individualistic. On the first, tribal communities were built, focused on the survival of the group, in which the individual is only a means. It remains the main one for the majority of humanity. The second, in which the individual began to be thought of as a self-valuable individual endowed with inalienable rights, arose only once in a relatively small space - in Europe. It naturally arose or as a result of the coincidence of a number of accidents - it is difficult to give an unambiguous answer. But the result of this shift in priorities was progress that secured European dominance across the planet.

Not a single civilization that subordinated man to the collective will has generated progress. They created huge and powerful empires, invented silk and gunpowder, built cyclopean irrigation and infrastructure systems, and other impressive pyramids, but lost the competition to Europe, which launched capitalism on the basis of the recognition of property rights and self-ownership of the citizen. This is when a person only decides for himself what to do, what to risk, how to live, and whether it is worth living at all.

The most effective civilization is built on the fact that no collective and group interests can override the rights of the individual. It developed insofar as it was possible to defend the priority of basic human rights under the pressure of traditional social ties. It took centuries. For this, by the way, seas of blood have been shed. For this they paid with the plague, which mowed down up to half of the European population, and more than once. They sought the right to risk themselves and property in severe competition with those who wanted the same. Thanks to this, they learned to build, discover and launch discoveries into mass production, learned to treat diseases like nowhere else - in general, to provide the highest standard of living at which living in comfort to a ripe old age has become the norm.

And then it turned out that the most precious thing for the prosperous heirs of European civilization is life!

Not right, mind you. Not being able to do something important for yourself of your own free will. People are ready to sacrifice their rights in order to save their lives "for longer". And others are generally ready to take away all their rights if they suspect a threat to their health from them. “He can infect me! - tie and lock him!".

Europe is closing down. Literally and metaphorically. She gives up the priority of individual rights, because she no longer needs development. Everything is already there, everything is enough, no rights, not even the right to dispose of oneself, it is not necessary - just save us from illness and death! We agree not to do anything and be locked up, just do not let the infected come to us, otherwise we, God forbid, will die!

Although we will die anyway. Leaving behind a high-security leper colony world. In which anyone who accidentally falls ill will be recognized by high-tech detectors and withdrawn from the community as a source of increased danger. In which the expediency of a separate life will be assessed from the point of view of the same "collective security" according to arbitrarily chosen criteria.

Do not even doubt: if the community gets the right to repress the individual for the sake of the peace of the majority, then there are no options. Themselves wanted "as in China" that everyone obey the "safe" general order, and in their culture, a person as an intrinsic value is not provided.

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