Posted 1 декабря 2021,, 13:10

Published 1 декабря 2021,, 13:10

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Block and conquer: digital slavery in Russia will come without any QR-codes

1 декабря 2021, 13:10
49% of the respondents said they were “rather ready” to abandon the use of paper money if non-cash payments are accepted everywhere. Slightly fewer - 48% answered that they were “rather not ready” for such an innovation.

Translated into Russian, from a quarter to half of citizens are ready to put their expenses under control.

The situation with QR-codes in the country is developing according to the worst scenario. Recall that in November, the Russian government submitted two bills to the State Duma for consideration, one of which provides for the presence of a QR-code on vaccination for visiting places of public events, canteens, cafes, restaurants and shops, and the second introduces the requirement to have a QR-code for travel to railway and air transport. While their adoption has been postponed due to massive protests throughout the country, however, apparently, nothing will prevent the deputies from adopting them a little later.

The law is not written to the military in Russia

This is evidenced by the following news: the Ministry of Defense has decided to release the military from the need to show QR-codes.

According to experts, the Ministry of Defense is allegedly trying to protect the personal information of soldiers and officers from falling into the hands of third parties in this way.

And now the Prime Minister is considering a draft law of the military department, according to which in public places it will be enough for military personnel and military pensioners to show a vaccination certificate, identity card or military ID instead of a QR-code. That is, everyone is equal, but some are more equal.

All this means only one thing: Russia is heading with leaps and bounds into the kingdom of total state control, and, as a consequence, terror.

The famous literary critic and writer Yelena Ivanitskaya described the near future of the Russian man in the street as follows:

“Waking up at dawn, Ivan Ivanovich (health passport - series 1234 number 5678910) immediately checked the innovations issued by the morning for citizens. So... introduced add. restrictions for those suffering from myopia over 7 diopters (... it does not concern me, II was delighted), add. restrictions for the owners of the false jaw (does not apply, noted I.I.), a complete restriction has been introduced for citizens who have not visited the proctologist for 6 months (... I.I. froze: again locked ...)"

No need for QR-codes to enslave Russians

The citizens of the country will hardly dare to protest against such a development of events, especially since they are already actually ready for it. And it comes to financial security, when there is no need even for the QR-codes themselves. It turned out that every fourth citizen of the Russian Federation is ready for the authorities to control their expenses.

26% of Russians "positively assess" the proposal to prohibit payment with paper money and leave the opportunity to pay only by credit card or online transfer, RBC reports, citing the results of the VTsIOM poll. 47% of the respondents (52% of men and 42% of women) are negative about the idea of a relative. But further - worse - 49% of respondents said they are "more likely" ready to abandon the use of paper money, if non-cash payments will be accepted everywhere. Slightly fewer - 48% answered that they were “rather not ready” for such an innovation. Translated into Russian, from a quarter to a half of citizens are ready to put under control not only their incomes, but also their expenses.

Economist Dmitry Prokofiev commented on this situation as follows:

“Ditching cash is a step towards rationing consumption - you can customize the algorithms so that the system will simply allow you to buy more than you are entitled to, or automatically tax every excess purchase. And you will no longer agree on any discounts with the seller on the spot. Each of your transactions in favor of someone is a reason to increase control. Plus - you don't need any QR-codes, "registration", and permission to move - the card will work only with a territorial reference. You can count on a strictly defined time and a limited number of hours. (Or you can make it so that you go from the capital to some new city, and at your own expense, you will simply receive a notification that with such and such a number your card is valid only in the territory north of 60th latitude or on the "Far Eastern hectare" with the given coordinates.

Then you quickly vacate the living space, pack your suitcase, and go to a new place of stay by the appointed date, where you get a job - whatever you can find. To pay for travel in public transport and in the evening, as a car for hours (and not work during the day, for example) and at the food point "at work". This is much easier to do than you think - the card will work only in those “points of sale” that you will use in the application, and their number will be limited. Want to expand the range of stores available - not the fact that you will be allowed to do so. Or - for an additional fee. Well, any "quarantine / lockdown" can be entered at the click of your fingers - all cards do not work on days or hours. Or, for example, on weekends. Or for everyone over 60. Stay at home, improve your health. And the next step is to block all accounts of a person in any situation when the boss sees fit. There can be no question of any help from anyone in this situation. Get guaranteed seasonal uniforms and food in accordance with production rates. A quarter of the population declares that they are ready for all of the above, half that they are preparing. It’s even strange that people are still being paid - you can safely transfer to natural supplies and ration production. The fact that this has not yet been done can be explained by nothing but the kindness of the authorities..."