Posted 1 декабря 2021,, 10:16

Published 1 декабря 2021,, 10:16

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Payments to three categories of pensioners will be increased from December 1

Payments to three categories of pensioners will be increased from December 1

1 декабря 2021, 10:16
Фото: СеверПост
In Russia, since December 1, some innovations have come into force that will significantly change the lives of citizens: for some categories of recipients, pensions will increase, QR-codes will appear in six regions, and the labeling will change on packages of milk and mineral water in stores.

One of the most important changes will be the indexation of pensions. As noted by RIA Novosti, increased payments will be received by citizens who celebrated their 80th anniversary in November. Their pension will double - up to 12,088.96 rubles. The increase will also be received by pensioners who quit their jobs in August this year, as well as those who applied for recalculation due to the presence of dependents in the family.

The second significant transformation will be the introduction from December 1 of the QR-code system in Kalmykia, Oryol, Chelyabinsk, Omsk regions, Khabarovsk Territory and the resort city of Sochi. Codes are expected to be ubiquitous from February 2022. They must expedite vaccination.

The third change affected free access from December 1 to Russian socially significant sites. The list of free includes websites of government agencies and local governments, websites of state non-budgetary funds, as well as a portal of public services.

At the same time, the supervisory authorities received the bravo of extrajudicial blocking of malicious sites with fraudulent information - for example, resources that, under the guise of official platforms, lure out money from Russians.

The fourth change concerns the introduction of mandatory labeling of milk with a shelf life of up to 40 days and packaged mineral water.