Posted 2 декабря 2021, 15:33

Published 2 декабря 2021, 15:33

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Bring a friend for 100 thousand rubles: mine owners in Kuzbass are looking for personnel in a new way

2 декабря 2021, 15:33
In the Kemerovo region, where the tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine recently took place, they are looking for miners with the help of the “Bring a friend” campaign. Leaflets that offer to bring a "friend" to work for money are being distributed by the Siberian Coal Energy Company, which owns 7 local mines.

Photos of posters have appeared on social networks with the help of which miners are recruited in the Kemerovo region. Due to the lack of staff, they are trying to attract new employees with the help of a promotion - the winner is promised 100 thousand rubles. According to the miners, the lack of personnel is associated with low salaries. An employee of the Kirov mine, which is located not far from Listvyazhnaya, said that even an electrician of the highest category receives about 54 thousand rubles a month in these parts. Locksmith 3 grade - less than 40. Because of this, there is a strong outflow of personnel. But the danger to life, which is associated with the profession of a miner, cannot be measured in any money. Let's remind: on the night of November 25, an explosion occurred in the Listvyazhnaya mine. The investigation believes that it could be caused by the accumulation of an explosive concentration of methane. The list of the dead is 51 people, 96 people were injured. According to the miners, for the last month they have been constantly working with methane accumulation, since the lava (the place where coal is directly dug out) has ceased to be properly ventilated. According to safety regulations, work should have been stopped already at a methane concentration of 2%. In fact, the concentration reached four, five and up to six percent.

The miners say that due to dangerous working conditions and recent events, the "Bring a friend to mine" campaign failed. In the meantime, information began to spread on social networks that similar “recruiting” for shares was taking place at other Russian enterprises as well. Tatyana Dementieva, in particular, writes: "We have the same nonsense at our VAZ, they give only 10,000 rubles each".

Let us recall: as Novye Izvestia wrote in an article by the Kuzbass businessman Andrei German, salaries in the coal industry in Australia, which produces 100 million tons of coal per year, are the highest in the country. Even higher than in the financial sector or doctors. Miners receive 120t $ -150t $ and even 200t $. These are the salaries of the miners, not the management. And in the complete absence of accidents with mass death of miners, there are no problems with personnel in Australia.

Let us also remind that most of the coal from Kuzbass is exported at world prices - exactly the same as the Australian companies sell it. But they have enough money for high wages for the workers. Perhaps because the owners of the mines do not live as beautifully as the Russian oligarchs.