Posted 2 декабря 2021,, 15:49

Published 2 декабря 2021,, 15:49

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QR-codes: what the government leaves me as a life is not life

2 декабря 2021, 15:49
The state mercilessly punishes me only for the fact that I lived to be 75 years old, practically not ill with anything.

Ludmila Paritskaya, Member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers of Russia

On September 8, 2021, I turned seventy-five years old. Throughout my, no longer short, life I have had two serious diseases - scarlet fever and measles, from which the legendary Oryol doctor Vladimir Ivanovich Turbin cured me, and one vaccination against smallpox. 45 years ago, I spent four days in the hospital, and that was the end of my love affair with medicine. I have never had the flu, and with mild seasonal colds (which can also be counted on one hand) I coped very easily on my own. From this, I think, it is easy to understand that I did not bother our invaluable state medicine with my person, mainly because throughout my life I took care of my health, not wanting to be a burden to anyone. I do not have any chronic diseases, and viral diseases have always bypassed me. And now covid, like the flu, does not bother me (probably, I am not his type).

I think that any person, even not related to medicine, will understand that I have either a powerful innate or, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, acquired immunity, which I do not want to lose or even weaken by vaccination against anything. Even during the plague epidemic, there were people who did not get infected and remained healthy. Surely there are such people in Oryol even now, then I am definitely one of them.

The Ministry of Health says you are stronger when you take care of your health! Cool statement, but for some reason now the authorities believe that health care is only in vaccinations! I am not against vaccinations if someone needs it, but I myself do not want to be the chips that fly when someone chops!

Surprisingly, for the fact that I have kept my health, my native state will now punish me, considering itself the right to complicate my life in every possible way. Power forgets that a person is individual, and what suits one person kills the other! And it is a crime to vaccinate on the bus in bulk, without preliminary examination!

Even ardent supporters of vaccination admit that natural immunity (which is the basis of collective immunity) is many times stronger than artificial one. A good doctor will say that a person who has been ill can even get lifelong immunity, and a person who is hooked on vaccinations can become addicted, akin to drug addiction, since without constant doping his body can no longer cope with the virus. Yes, and covid is not the last virus that infects humanity. With our "careful" attitude to the environment, there will be others, perhaps more terrible, and will we need a vaccine from them too? I'm afraid they won't learn to heal! I wonder how many vaccines one person can handle at the same time?

And codes from other viruses will be needed. Imagine, a man walks into a cafe and for half an hour presents codes for all viruses known by that time. Class! What an interesting and eventful life will be!

There is a suspicion that our government is not fighting the virus, but the people! This is what the "fatherly concern" about the so-called anti-vaccines says. Suspend people from work without pay. Well, what could be wiser than pushing people to crime for a piece of bread for the family! He should not think about her, he should be afraid to infect ... the vaccinated! Truly, the road to HELL is paved with good intentions. It is well known that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are equally carriers of the virus, and they both get sick, both easily and seriously, and, unfortunately, die, as they die from other diseases. It is strange that our sanitary doctors do not introduce quarantine (isolation of the sick), and after Europe they introduce lockdowns (isolation of the healthy). Complete lack of logic!

I will not ruin my blood, saving immunity (which served me faithfully and truthfully all my life) with an inoculation for the sake of getting some kind of stigma! My character and upbringing will not allow me to buy it! I cannot provide a certificate of covid disease, since I have not had a pandemic for two years. PCR tests are unreasonably expensive for me. I will not run around the state-optimized polyclinics - there in the queues you can pick up something even worse than covid. I will not receive a medical treatment due to the absence of the necessary diseases.

My question is: what should I do with my unique health?

It looks like I have no choice. Since what the power leaves me as a quality of life is not LIFE, it turns out that the only way out for me is to put a bullet in my forehead or commit suicide in some other, more humane way, but if I decide to do this, then I will certainly write who drove me to suicide, and this is a criminal article! My father, who fought against fascism for ten years, would be very surprised if he found out that his daughter, at the age of seventy-six, cannot even buy slippers for herself in an ordinary store without presenting a humiliating stigma, which for some reason is called a QR code. Nobody knows what it is, except for the product of technical progress, but they began to stigmatize people as cows, pigs, dogs ...

I want to live in a free country, speak my beloved Russian language, see around the beautiful, happy faces of people who have a favorite job with a salary that allows them to live with dignity and take care of their health. I want a normal, non-optimized medicine and education, I want a culture that uplifts a person, and not squeezes him into a brothel! Tell me, do I want too much?