Posted 3 декабря 2021, 07:30

Published 3 декабря 2021, 07:30

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Изображение материала named the highest paying vacancies for jobseekers with disabilities

3 декабря 2021, 07:30
We are ready to offer the highest salaries to people with disabilities in IT and in the positions of a manicure master, engineer, manager and hairdresser.
Disabled people

Such data are provided by RIA Novosti, referring to the study of the service.

The leader in the highest wages for citizens with disabilities was the work of a 1C programmer in Norilsk - 200 thousand rubles. The employer requires the applicant to have a higher education in applied programming, three years of experience and experience in working with a data composition system, and the skill of developing complex queries.

170 thousand rubles are ready to pay an experienced backend developer on a remote site. A system analyst at a bank in Moscow can teach from 150 thousand rubles.

In addition, a large producer of drinks in the capital is looking for the head of the construction and economic department, to whom the company will pay 140 thousand rubles. An applicant for this position needs to have work experience of at least three years, skills in drawing up defect lists and checking estimates, working in 1C, Monolith, Bitrix programs. He must also be able to negotiate and find a solution. At the same time, the employer is ready to provide him with a discount on his products in company stores and rest in a corporate sanatorium in the Kuban for the entire family of the employee.

In Moscow, a manicure and pedicure master will be able to earn up to 120 thousand rubles. A portfolio is required from the applicant, but the employer is also ready to consider candidates after training courses. The master needs to be able to work in various techniques, including gel polish, nail extension and design.

A mining equipment repair engineer in St. Petersburg will be able to receive from 100 thousand rubles. In Yekaterinburg, a communications design engineer is required who will be paid up to 100 thousand rubles a month. The same can be earned by a service sales manager at a dealership in Kazan.

A men's hairdresser in St. Petersburg will be able to receive up to 90 thousand rubles. In Tver, a seamstress for sewing knitwear can earn up to 80 thousand rubles a month.

Earlier it became known that the highest paid self-employed were realtors.