Posted 6 декабря 2021, 08:11

Published 6 декабря 2021, 08:11

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Not vaccinated? Fired! A third of executives intend to expel anti-vaxxers from work

6 декабря 2021, 08:11
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Russian businessmen complain that they are forced to pay fines for the fact that they have employees anti-vaxxers in their staff.

34% of heads of Russian companies intend to fire anti-vaxxers, reports RBC with reference to the website of the recruiting agency Headhunter. True, about 25% of them will not fire employees who have contraindications to vaccinations. Among the reasons that prompted such a measure, businessmen name the fear of getting a fine, as well as the fear that an unvaccinated employee will infect his colleagues. It is no secret that many regions are introducing a compulsory vaccination rate for company employees - 80%, and violating enterprises face fines of up to 500 thousand rubles. According to VTsIOM, the mass vaccination campaign is condemned by about a third of the country's citizens.