Posted 6 декабря 2021,, 08:02

Published 6 декабря 2021,, 08:02

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Producers are in fear of potato shortage in 2022

Producers are in fear of potato shortage in 2022

6 декабря 2021, 08:02
Producers fear a possible shortage of potatoes next year. Sergey Lupekhin, chairman of the Union of Potato and Vegetable Market Participants, announced this at a meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture.

As writes "Kommersant", the cause of shortage in the market the most popular product of borsch set may be a reduction of its production in private farms and increase capacity for processing vegetables. So, this year, about a million tons of potatoes were used for processing. Next year, the volume of processing may increase by half - up to 1.5 million tons, and over the next five years - up to three million.

This factor, as well as the growth of production costs, will contribute to maintaining high prices for potatoes next year, producers warned. We would like to remind that the prices for potatoes increased by 78.6% over the year. Now a kilogram of potatoes will cost Russians an average of 44.51 rubles.

In order to contain the rise in prices and not cause a shortage in the market, producers could increase the sowing of this crop, however, as the meeting participants noted, this does not allow the shortage of planting material. As noted in the agricultural firm "Slava Potato", this is due to the low yield during the drought last year.

Also, the increase in production capacity is constrained by the policy of retail chains. Retail does not want to sell small potatoes, as well as conclude annual contracts for the supply of this product with the business.

Manufacturers are asking for support from next year. In particular, to introduce compensation for harvesting potatoes at the rate of 100 thousand rubles per hectare put into circulation.

The Ministry of Agriculture noted that it plans to support the vegetable growing industry with five billion rubles for next year. Part of this amount will also go to potato producers. It will be enough to support the industry.