Posted 7 декабря 2021,, 11:39

Published 7 декабря 2021,, 11:39

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Liya Akhedzhakova named foreign agents the best representatives of professions

7 декабря 2021, 11:39
On December 6, at the Vakhtangov Theater, actress Liya Akhedzhakova received the Stage Legend prize at the Theater Star - 2021 award.

After receiving the statuette, she gave a 12-minute speech in which she reflected on modern patriotism, “offended veterans”, and also called foreign agents the best people in the profession.

Akhedzhakova's angry tirade is associated with the scandalous performance "First Bread" at the Sovremennik Theater, where the actress plays the role of Nuria's grandmother. From the stage, she announced the substitution of meaning and values.

“The meanings began to change! For example, the historical, tragic memory of the people is wrapped in a beautiful legend, and it is shoved to us instead of the true history. Moreover, we must adhere to this legend, otherwise Comrade Bastrykin [Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia]”, - said Liya Akhedzhakova.

“This word has a great meaning. But suddenly it turns out that some group of insulted patriots comes to the theater and, without seeing the play, demands to root out the mistakes in it. Some incredible censorship! And they do threaten”, - she says during her speech.

Akhedzhakova said that activists sprayed feces in the hall, and Oleg Tabakov was placed on the steps with a severed pig's head.

The star of Soviet and Russian cinema shared her opinion about the “offended war veterans”: “I cannot imagine that the veterans ran around the theaters and occupied the censorship, brought the theater out into the open. But, indeed, veterans write denunciations about performances that they have not seen, and then an investigator comes to the theater and interrogates me”, - Akhedzhakova said.

Representatives of the “Officers of Russia” stated that the heroine Akhedzhakova in the play “literally spat into the souls of all generations of veterans with an ugly obscenity in a monologue,” and also complained to the Prosecutor General's Office, after which the performance was removed from the show.

Continuing the theme of meaning substitution, the actress spoke about foreign agents.

“And one more lost meaning. What is "foreign agent"? This is a spy who walks around for money, sniffs something here and destroys our life. But why is the title of foreign agent awarded to the best people in the profession? The best! The best journalists, the best human rights defenders. My friend Lev Ponomarev is a foreign agent. My favorite "Dozhd" *, who was on TV and now joined the partisans, is also a foreign agent. This is our "Rain" *, which has never deceived us. And most importantly, our "Memorial"*", - quotes the " Interlocutor "the words of the star of the Soviet cinema.

* - entered by the Ministry of Justice into the register of foreign media agents.