Posted 7 декабря 2021,, 11:44

Published 7 декабря 2021,, 11:44

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TV is sure: Russia defeated everyone without even starting a war

TV is sure: Russia defeated everyone without even starting a war

7 декабря 2021, 11:44
According to the assurances of telepropagandists, America is only looking for how it would be more profitable to surrender to the mercy of the Russian-Chinese alliance.

Sergey Mitrofanov

This bright idea was conveyed to the audience by the Israeli spy-intelligence officer Yakov Kedmi, recalling that, for example, America says about Taiwan that it will not tolerate a military seizure of the island, but "peaceful", "hybrid" - for God's sake. And about Ukraine - that protects only NATO members, and Ukraine, yok, is not a member.

However, not all is well in the zone of the Russian sphere of influence. First, there was a disaster in Kuzbass. Secondly, “gender correct” Angela Merkel has retired, although she did not have children either, - just in case, the TV set said. After Merkel, incomprehensible, sexless people will come to power in Germany, who do not know how they will behave with Russia. Well, and thirdly, the West, without enthusiasm, if not with mockery, accepted Putin's idea of "red lines" and written guarantees that it would no longer expand towards Russia.

Disaster in Kuzbass

She claimed fifty-one lives in the Listvyazhnaya mine and made Putin hit the table with her fist, which made everyone shudder. It seems that for TV it was even more important than the disaster itself. However, let's not argue, Putin had every right to hit the table. Ten years ago, in the same place, he gave an order to ensure the safety of miners, and here you are again!

According to the first estimates, the predatory exploitation of natural resources by the Kuzbass capitalists and the falsification of the readings of the methane level sensors for the sake of profit are to blame for the catastrophe, because the mine would then have to be shut down and lose this profit. The 47-year-old director, his 59-year-old deputy and the 36-year-old head of the section were taken into custody, and the TV viewer had the complete impression that he was watching the continuation of the Netflix series.

A similar disaster has just been portrayed in Dopesick and the action movie The Ice Road with Liam Neeson. In the first plot, a drug addict was instructed to look after the sensor, who at that time had a fog in her eyes, so she overlooked. In the second plot, the cynical capitalist leadership in Canada was happy to destroy their mine for insurance. But the miners were saved by a driver who brought oxygen equipment. Those, though shabby, got out and told everything. The Canadian people quickly figured out everything and condemned the criminal leadership, carrying out a civil arrest.

What happened in our case is not very clear. It is not known why the methane level was falsified, as it was said at a meeting with Putin, where he hit him with his fist. Actually, how did these sensors work?

It is not very clear why the trade unions and the state control body were silent. Apparently, the trade unions were not allowed into the mine, and they did not really try. Trade unions in Russia are strange, silent and stupid, and civil arrest is not practiced in Russia. The state control also controlled carelessly. As a result, Putin offered to raise the salaries of state inspectors to the level of the mine administration. And then, they say, the labor protection system will work. And also the families of miners from the state promised various preferences, one of them - access to education for children.

Certificate of non-expansion

Putin's idea that the West (NATO) should finally give written commitments not to expand anymore (or shrink, if it has already expanded, I don’t know) was received with great enthusiasm by TV, the Foreign Ministry and the military department. And as a program of action, and as a program for future negotiations with Biden.

And like "Yalta-2" about dividing the world into spheres of influence.

They say that Gorbachev took the West at its word, and now go and prove that such an agreement was, and was not invented by Russian propaganda. Putin, as a wise ruler, decided to avoid such an embarrassment. On the claims of the West, he will get a stamped paper: look, here you have signed!

But such an initiative did not arouse enthusiasm in the West. Moreover, he mocked her. They say that there are no red lines outside of the states claiming them in nature, as well as legally fixed spheres of influence, such side chairs in other countries. If Yalta-1 took place after a bloody battle in which the West and the USSR participated as allies, then why on earth would the world be divided again?

And it is not clear how to formalize such an agreement verbally. To put it bluntly, then it should be an agreement that the West will refuse to defend Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack and will turn a blind eye to a pro-Russian coup if it happens there. But how do you write it down? What will Biden's voters say to such a text? Completely fucking old grandfather ?!

If we draw an analogy, then it should be an agreement of three subjects: the owner of the villa, a security company and racketeers in the area.

The racketeers demand from the firm a written commitment not to put security equipment, surveillance cameras and fortified gates on the villa they intend to rob. Moreover, in life, it really happens that they refuse to protect you due to the demand of a third party. But you still can't write it down verbally. Such an agreement can only be tacit.

It is another matter that if missiles aimed at the Kremlin appear in Ukraine, it is fair to perceive it as a threat that needs to be neutralized. By the way, someone, according to TV, asked Putin: but China, it also borders on Russia, and it also has missiles, why don't you bother?

Putin answered perfectly: there are a billion people in China and therefore he has the right to defend himself. In addition, we have exclusively good relations with China. We are not afraid of his missiles. These are good rockets.

It turns out that since Ukraine is smaller than China, there seems to be no one there to defend, and it has no right to missiles. But, on the other hand, Putin, without knowing it, gave a universal recipe: in order to avoid a new Cuban missile crisis, Russia needs to seek exclusively good relations.

With Ukraine, the West, NATO, then there will be no problem with missiles.

But as for Ukraine, it really does not need missiles against Russia, which are not there, but only one NATO soldier in the form of a NATO soldier. If something happened, Russia would have to go through this soldier with all the subsequent negative international consequences, which, we hope, will not happen.

30 years without the USSR

For this date, TV prepared a big film by Naili Asker-zade, whose beautiful pink coat attracted her attention in the frame, which she either theatrically removed from the hanger, then did various tricks with it. But I, in principle, expected from her film more definite accusations against the "nineties" and the corresponding bitterness from the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the film turned out to be too big (i.e. boring) and eclectic. One said so. Another said that the glasses remained on the table. It turned out that the Soviet Union was defended in words by Nazarbayev alone, who, nevertheless, did not reunite with Russia.

Only the very first phrase of the film lingered in my memory, for which Asker-Zade can be forgiven a lot as an author:

"The Soviet Union fell apart forever".