Posted 8 декабря 2021,, 08:26

Published 8 декабря 2021,, 08:26

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College teacher on hunger strike for 14,000 salary accused of extremism

College teacher on hunger strike for 14,000 salary accused of extremism

8 декабря 2021, 08:26
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A teacher from the Kursk region decided to conduct a social experiment and live on his salary, the security officials did not like it.

A criminal case under the article "extremism" was brought up by the security forces against the teacher of the Sudzhan agricultural technical school in the Kursk region, candidate of pedagogical sciences Alexander Mamkin, according to the Alliance of Teachers page. The reason for this decision by the employees of the local center "E" was an experiment that Mamkin began on November 23, announcing on social networks that he would try to live solely on his salary of 14,600 rubles, without resorting to the help of subsidiary farming.

Prior to that, the teacher has repeatedly publicly criticized the low salaries of educators.

Laureate of the Presidential Prize Mamkin wrote on his VKontakte page:

“I am a poor teacher from the Kursk region. Over the past month I received 14,600 rubles in my hands. My daily income is 60 rubles higher than the poverty level. Let me remind you that the lowest salary in the world is in poverty-stricken Uganda, where a teacher earns 26 thousand rubles per hour at purchasing power parity. I got 1.3 rates less than the world's lowest teacher salary. And there are many like me".

The very next day after the start of the experiment, Center E will initiate a criminal case against Mamkin for a post written in February 2020, which was illustrated with a photograph with a swastika. The fact is that Mamkin was outraged by the fact that a sand pit was dug at the site of the veterans' cemetery and compared the fact of the destruction of the cemetery with a fascist crime. The security officials, as expected, aroused the swastika...

Mamkin writes about this:

“Everyone who reads my articles knows that I am a principled fighter against fascism and Nazism. I have written dozens of articles about this. For me, the worst thing about Nazism is that people were dehumanized. They were forced to live in unbearable conditions, turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, and made anti-humanism the norm".

Apparently, he himself faced this norm...