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Published 8 декабря 2021,, 12:17

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Question of the day: how many more retired glazovs there are in the country, ready to become murderers?

Question of the day: how many more retired glazovs there are in the country, ready to become murderers?

8 декабря 2021, 12:17
Фото: Life Shot
The pension reform did not in any way affect the huge army of security officials and the military, who already at the age of 40 find themselves on a "well-deserved retirement".
Moscow region

Retired military man Sergey Glazov, who shot two people to death in the Moscow MPSC and seriously injured four others, was previously declared insane. However, network analyst Andrey Nalgin believes that this version, although convenient for the authorities, hardly explains the essence of the tragedy. And that's why. First, the 45-year-old anti-vaxxer Glazov, who served in the special forces of the military intelligence, killed not at all because of his medical delusions, but out of revenge on the communal services with which he was in conflict. No wonder the first victim was an employee of the local state budgetary institution "Zhilischnik", and the rest simply fell under the hot hand.

In addition, Glazov turned out to be a conspiracy theorist, an implacable fighter against the world behind the scenes, of which there are so many and who breathe so easily in patriarchal Putin's Russia.

Nalgin considers the age of Glazov to be the main thing in this story. Just think, a veteran and military pensioner at 45! And most likely, even earlier - in 40-42 years. And this is against the backdrop of endangered Russian men who are barely living to retirement age 65! And at the same time, the Russian budget feeds a 5-million army of idlers of security officials and security guards, and millions of such 40-year-old "pensioners" and "veterans" of the eye, who can not do anything in life except shooting at live targets, and therefore fooling around from idleness and their own uselessness, while receiving luxurious military pensions...

And it's really scary.

“How many more of these retired eyeballs are sitting in their “well-served” apartments, drinking on the sly! How many unstable weapons do they have on their hands? Who will be their next victim?", - asks Nalgin fair questions.